🐑 Harry The Lamb Playing Football With Monkey-B ⚽ & GIFs Too



We were sitting on the porch today when Harry the lamb came by to visit and also practice his football skills with Monkey-B.

🐑 Cuteness Overload ⚽


     If there is ever a day I am without Hive content, all I have to do is put the camera on Harry the lamb and Monkey-B. This is the second lamb that we've taught how to play football, and the 2nd time around has been much more successful.


     Harry will usually come on our porch and nudge the ball around with his head, and even sometimes kick and hug the ball. He usually will push the ball off the porch and into the grass, where patiently awaits someone to join him.


     Today Harry took the ball off the porch by himself this afternoon, but unfortunately he had no playmates, so I called Monkey-B to to go and help him work on his ball control skills. All it takes is a little bit of footwork and Harry immediately gets excited and stops chomping on grass.


     I managed to get some really good shots, and I even took some short videos I intended to make GIFs from, which I have also included in this post. You can see in the above pic that Harry has grown quite a bit, and he now can scare Monkey-B into giving the ball away if he tries hard enough.

⚽ Bend It Like Harry 🥅


     As you can see in the above GIF, Harry mostly likes to move the ball from point A to point B, so he'd likely be a midfielder if he was a team player.


     Here Harry is using a chair as an impromptu goal. Well, he's not truly that intelligent, he just likes to push the ball regardless of direction, and it just happen to get stuck in the chair. But still though, this is an opportunity to say "GOAL!!"


Monkey B

Awesome! I played some serious soccer yesterday but we didn't have any sheep on our field

most people here are awake ;<)

Nice dribbling skills, Harry! Although, in all honesty it's more like headball. Cute though!

Would be entertaining to add sheep to actual pro soccer matches.

P.S. I am a ( mostly left wing ) mid-fielder myself but I move a lot, like to make goals and run back and forth putting pressure on defenders and defending my team's goal when necessary.

I think Harry would be a good teammate for you. I'm not sure how he would react to a ball dropping from the sky and hitting him in the ribs, this hasn't happened yet fortunately. He has tried to hug the ball a few times and taken a few traumatic faceplants that resulted in a mouthful of sand.

'm not sure how he would react to a ball dropping from the sky and hitting him in the ribs

Luckily that would only be possible if he stood up on his hind legs and pumped up his chest, which would be quite remarkable.

I laughed very hard when I pictured that from a moment. I was thinking more downward glancing blow from above because their rib cage is a big bulge on the side of their body. I can say I've seen him take multiple headshots, and he was completely unaffected. He's designed for headshots after all.

Hahaha! I guess I starte humanizing the sheep a little too much haha!
His headshots do look beautiful indeed ;<)

I just can't get enough of this ball playing lamb. I am not into sports but I would give anything to play ball with this guy.😊

Even when I am dead-tired, if Harry drops by and headbutts the ball a few times, I feel obligated to entertain him for at least a few minutes.

cuteness overload indeed. That's awesome!

Yeah, it never gets old at all, better than any TV show.

Hi hi.. Justin.. wow.. a really cute post. It's a pity that a month from now, He will be left behind.. with his giant ding dongs.. It's so cute that a goat knows how to bent it like Beckham.. for his brain power.. it's an incredible achievement.

Yeah, it's incredible. I worry nobody will keep his football passion alive after we go, perhaps his Dad Gigantorballs can learn it in his old age and play with his son.

that's one hell of a lamb I wish my dog was interested in football he is only interested in ball

Haha, it would be a major achievement to see Harry fetch a tennis ball. He naturally wants to learn, he would be an easy animal to train for various tasks.

hi my friend @jastinparke
The sheep is very good at dribbling, I smile to myself, thank you for sharing..

He doesn't let the ball get too far away, a crucial skill for good ball control. Thanks for stopping by.

Haha , The Lamb in Suriname likes football.. playing with an animal can be fun thing for kids

Yes, he's almost like a part of our family now, and it's good to know he will be here with us until we leave Suriname.

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