👨‍🎨✍️ How To Use Your Wife's Toes To Overcome Boredom & More!! 💅🦶

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Running low on sleep and inspiration, and also battling some serious boredom, ingenuity took over and I grabbed my wife's toes and a pen.

🕵️ Mission: Make @Sreypov Laugh


     Pen, check, Wife's foot, check. The boredom was so thick today that it could almost be cut with a knife. Reaching deep to make my wife laugh and/or smile while also lacking artistic abilities, I was staring at my wife's toes when I imagined each toe as an individual character.


     After realizing a red pen was a poor choice, I got to work on the big toe, attempting to pull off a mustache, and I think I kind of got it. It was the most exciting thing to happen in at least 3 hours, so the kids gathered round to watch.


     With an audience watching, I began to take my craft seriously, and got to work on the next toe, trying to give it a different personality on a much smaller skin-vas.


     I was a little let down at the more limited artistic range I had on this smaller toe, but I worked to create a happy and slightly ghoulish character.


     With two down and three to go, I realize it was going to get progressively harder, both with decreasing skin-vas size, and also Pov's increasing ticklishness, making her a squirmy subject. I attemoted a tongue for the third character, and it didn't really look like a tongue after I was done, but it's not like I'm Toenardo DaVinci or something.


     I decided the fourth character needs to freaking out, so I went with big bulging eyes and slightly sad expression. My dysfunctional toe gang was nearly complete, and the sense of satisfaction from a job well-done was beginning to take hold, only a pink toe left to go.


     The last character had to be a cyclops because there was no way I was going to squeeze two eyes on a pinky toe. After all, it's not like I'm Pablo Toecasso or Vincent van Toes.


     Monkey-B doesn't like to be left out of photos, so I told her to grab the art and enter silly goose mode. I think she captured the emotions I put into her mom's foot pretty well.

👩‍🎤 Hive's Next Up & Coming Star


     Monkey-B has never shown much interest in making a post all by herself, but she has always like making videos as long as her big sister creates the post. Well, things are changing, and today I asked Monkey-B if she'd like to play around in a blank draft. She seized the opportunity and slowly typed her first Hive sentences.

     I didn't want her to get stressed, so I called it quits after a few sentences, being sure to let her know all she needs is a few photos in between those sentences, and that's how a post begins to take shape. So, stay tuned Hivers for Monkey-B's first post, which I assume will have something to do with LEGOs.


Monkey B

This is great, creativity is a wonderful way to overcome boredom, and it doesn't have to be complex! For further adventures, since you have photographed and described each toe, you could work on developing each member of the toe-gang and telling tall tales of each one, and how they came together!
I love your sense of humor, by the way. It's a step in the right direction, for sure... 😋

You're right, after I made this toe creation and post, more ideas began to brew. Thanks for stopping, I am glad you enjoyed my cheap sense of humor.

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That's awesome! I must say that was dad, mom, big sister, little sister and unknown sister. 😁

I didn't realize they could've been us, as we are a family of 4. I guess the fifth member of this family is a cyclops 👁.

Hi hi.. Justin.. wow.. such a cute way to make your wife laugh... hahaha looks like each toe has its own personality.. =) Wahaha.. It's great that Monkey B is taking baby steps to achieving something great. =)

She nearly had to perform a yoga pose to view all of her new toe buddies. Stay tuned for Monkey B's first post, it's sure to be a hoot.

hahaha.. That is just so cute.. haha... It is a really fun post.. =) I can't wait for Monkey B's post.

Very nice art. 😂 That is very good for avoid bored.

It gave me more laughs than I expected.

Haha, this is so cool :B tell her to get these as permanent tattoos :P

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That will be a hard sell, but I'm certainly onboard 100% 😁.

I have a mustache just like your big toe does... Perhaps I am a big toe...hrmmmm 🤔

Dropping you some hot !PIZZA and !LUV on this post! ❤️

Haha, yes indeed, there were room for handlebars on that toe. Give thanks for the treats my friend.

lol, there is always room for handlebar mustaches on just about anything! Hahaha. 😄

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