Tin-Can Phone 📞 Beating Boredom In Suriname With Monkey-B 🐵

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Bored out of our minds, Monkey-B and I made a tin-can phone the other day, and even though results weren't as good as expected, the Dad-Daughter time was primo. I'll let the video speak for itself and make this post a bit of a behind-the-scenes write-up.


I wouldn't dare bore you with instructions on how to make a tin-can phone because it is dead simple. Two cans, two holes, and some kind of string, and a little intuition is all that is needed. Monkey-B's excitement with the novelty of this toy from my own childhood was contagious.


I made the holes in the cans with a thumb tack. Making the holes too large is about the only mistake you could make when putting this simple contraption together.


In less than 5 minutes, we had our primitive telephone assembled and headed out to the backyard to tinker around and make some 3Speak footage. I don't know why my video content performs so much better than my normal posts, but I must admit this financial incentive is helping me get over my fear of being on camera.


Before we headed for the backyard to experiment, the lamb came by to see us, now brave to enter our porch and hang out with us just like a dog would. Dogs don't randomly fire BB turds while walking, but still this creature is welcome in our space, and we he displays and gentle and curious nature.

Monkey B


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The game is very fun, it's a very natural voice link, Cool.
Telephone in the days of our ancestors, Great.
Enjoy it my friend.

I remember it working much better when I was young. I think there was a lot of wind and background noise making it difficult to hear each other. It was some simple fun though, and we had some good laughs.

yes,,I've done that too.it's very entertaining.

I used to play that kind of phones with my brother when I was middle student. This tin-can phone is really cool.

I really like that some toys are universal. Sometimes the simplest toys are the best. I can remember playing with a simple bouncing ball for hours everyday when I was young.

Oh wow. I thought this was just a cartoon thing. I never thought that it really worked. That just blows my mind!

The cuteness of Monkey B is overwhelming and I really wish I could have a goat coming into my place. This would make my life much more interesting. Except for the bb turds.

I always enjoy these videos. You may be bored but these are entertaining for me. The reality t.v. show of the stranded Suriname family. Will they finally get out?!!!

Awwww.....thanks, I should film another witty banter session with Monkey-B, she can be a hoot on camera when she lets her guard down. Monkey-B will have trained 5 different generations of lambs how to play soccer before we get out of here.

Actually, we've used this during our time when we were kids and during our Girl Scout events. It was very effective and lots of fun. Lol!

Our volume wasn't very good, but I remember it working much better when I was a kid. I am thinking a thicker string will do a better job. Girl Scouts, that might be something my daughters would want to do in the USA, I should look into it.

I remember now. We used the crochet cotton thread before. I guess that made a better transmission. I'll do my own experiment later.:)
Girl Scouting is exciting and lots of fun really. Your girls shouldn't miss that while they're still young.

we used to do this when I was in grade school. simple activities we do back then when the internet did not exist. :D

So true, I remember being fascinated by much simpler things. I was trying to explain what an "answering machine" is to my daughters the other day, and I felt like a dinosaur, explaining the times of old when you only know who called you at the end of the day when you get home and listen to the tape.

hahaha those days! Same here, my husband and I were explaining to our girls what it was like when we were children. the games we played and the simple things we enjoyed. And we were bombarded with a lot of questions about it. LOL

cool man, I remember we did this with yoghurt plastic cups when we were young. I always wanted a walky talky, this was the answer of my parents.

I had similar a similar request, but was given two giant ground coffee cans and some string. In another 10 years kids won't know how to build anything without a 3-D printer and a wi-fi connection.

I must admit that I was never very keen at being filmed by the old Cine Cameras (after a sound option was added). Something that you just have to conquer I guess, as you say.

I do remember doing this fun activity with my daughter. They impress so easily before 12 , after that age it gets so much harder LOL


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Slowly getting over this fear, and somehow Hive via 3Speak is much friendlier and positive audience than YouTube. I have a 12-year old too, and you can guess why she wasn't outside with us, not impressed! Well, I can she's learning Java Script, something I know nothing about and I can't help her with, but it's part of her online curriculum, so I'm glad she enjoys it.

WoW! Java Script very impressive, she might make you rich one day... 😂

My 3 kids are all grown up and married now, but I do have a 12 year old Grand-Son who is only happy when he beats me at Chess !

Mostly though he loves On-Line gaming with his friends ~ I guess most kids do these days 😎


He likes camping though with my daughter ~ A new experience this year! Says it's COOL

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12-year-old grandson, you're a generation ahead of me, our oldest daughter is 12. Chess is definitely worth teaching, my oldest daughter knows the rules and a wee bit of strategy.

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A partial success I would say.

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