👩‍🍳 A Collection Of My Best Dessert Recipes From The Past 2 Years On Hive 🥮🍩

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Today I feel like sharing my favorite dessert and cake recipes from the past two years on Hive. These aren’t all my recipes posted about desserts and cakes. I still have some more recipes I choose not to put in this post because there are so many. I wanted to share 10 of my favorite recipes today, and I hope you like them.

I think that this is good for some people that have never seen my recipes before. I love to cook and share with you all in Hive, and I never think I have posted a lot of recipes here. That reminded me that I struggled a lot in Hive at first. I could make posts and maybe get upvote 2$ to 4$ and some posts have good luck get 8$ dollars. It was a long time until I got better upvotes like now, but I have never stopped Hiving.


I always enjoy and try to do posts better than before. Although my English is not good and I don’t know more words, but I try write more words in every post.

I always try to write about 300 words to 500 words in a post and I put more photos all the time. Sometimes I am lazy to post, but it's unacceptable to not post. That’s my experience I wanted to share with new people in Hive.


🎃🥥 Pumpkins Made From Pumpkins 🥥🎃 Ital Tapioca Dessert


That time we had so much pumpkin from the old landlord's house, and my family was bored eating foods from pumpkin. So I made this dessert for them and for a post too.

🥥 Num Kom 🤏 Cambodian Coconut Dumplings 👩‍🍳 A Vegan Recipe


This is called Num Kom, or sticky rice coconut cake with bean filling. I made two different kinds of filling for these. I love coconut with sesame seeds filling the most, but that time I do not have sesame seeds.

🥮 Coconut Cassava Cakes 🥥 Ital Khmer-ibbean Cooking 🥔


We call these grilled cassava cakes. I love them so much, they smell very good and delicious.

🥑🥥 Raw Avocado Cake 🎂 Ital Recipe


This is avocado cashew cake. Oh, it’s such a tasty cake, and it’s my family's favorite.

🎃 Steamed Pumpkin Cakes 🥥 An Ital Khmer Recipe 🥟

My little girl loves this steam pumpkin cake so much. It’s sweet and soft easy, and easy to eat. This recipe has pumpkin, coconut meat, sugar, rice flour and a little coconut milk.

🍪 Coconut Plantain Cookies 🍌 Vegan Recipe 👨‍🍳 No Added Sugar

After I see the pictures of these cookies, I miss eating them. They're delicious with hot tea.

🥥🍮 Noum Ko (Khmer Rice-Coconut Pudding) 🍮🥥


This is called Num Ko. This recipe uses rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and roasted beans. It’s delicious with hot tea too.

Sticky Rice Mung Bean Cakes - "Num Ansom" | Khmer-ribbean Ital Recipe


These are sticky rice mung bean cakes, or in Khmer "Num Ansom." Now the people in Cambodia make Num Ansom for Pchum Ben holiday, but they use pork.

My Ital Dessert 🥔🍠 Potato Cake With Pumpkin 🥥🍑


This is potato cake with pumpkin. This was my recipe idea to use what I have at home, but it’s tasty and smells very good.

Mung Bean Cake 🍰 From The Khmeribbean Ital Kitchen 👩‍🍳


This is mung bean cake, it's delicious. If you enjoy which one recipe please comment. Have a beautiful day everybody.


Monkey B

your cooking really looks very good, I think I want to taste it, but that's not possible because it's very far and different countries, thank you for sharing🙏❤️🥰

But you can choose one and make it yourself lol. Thank you very for your comment 😊

Of course dear, I will definitely try to make it at home, will my food look delicious🤔🤔 like the food you show, so want to taste it🤤🥰🤭

It looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!

You are welcome! I am glad to share with you ❤️

Wow, looks delicious! and the presentation, its amazing 😍

Many thanks for your kind 😊

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Hmmmm.. All look scrumptious! I wish to taste some of these one day or maybe make according to your recipes.. Have a nice day Pov!

I'll be happy if you try it soon 🙂

thank you, Madame.

best regards!

This is such a wonderful reminder of all your masterpieces. I would love to try them all. It's making me so hungry. I will have to learn these things from you. I can't wait until you have so many things and teach us some more delicious recipes.

Just wonderful my friend!!!!!

Aww, thank you very much for your lovely comment, my friend. We are eating tomatoes and shoy sum every day so I really tired to make a new recipe.

Looks so yummy 😋
The recipe is looks so awesome ☺️.
My hunger rising 😋
Thanks for sharing with us ❣️

You are most welcome, I’m glad to hear that comment. Thanks a lot 😊

Awesome sharing dear @sreypov
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This is easily the best potential post payout our family has ever had. I don't know what you did, but you captured lightning in a bottle with this one. Good job chef!

Thank you very much B for your amazing comment. I don’t know your comment lol but I understand lol.

Omg, love dessert! Thank you for sharing 😍 will try to make something this weekend.

You are welcome, I’m glad you like them. 😊

It's very delicious.

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