CARIB Zealy Sprint II Begins Sept 1st + Win A Role! + Airdrop

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The quest for CARIB continues on Zealy!

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🌴 CARIB Zealy Sprint II

Launch: Friday, Sept. 1st


After an epic time hosting our first Zealy Sprint in July, rewards have been distributed, the community is excited, and we are ready to continue the quest. The quest for $CARIB!

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Sprint II Rewards:

πŸ₯‡ 1st: 1 BNB + 25,000 CARIB + S. NFT

πŸ₯ˆ 2nd: .5 BNB + 25,000 CARIB + S. NFT

πŸ₯‰ 3rd: .25 BNB + 12,500 CARIB + S. NFT

πŸ… 4th: .125 BNB + 7,500 CARIB + S. NFT

πŸ… 5th: .125 BNB + 5,000 CARIB + S. NFT

πŸ… 6th - 10: 5,000 CARIB + Sponsor NFT

πŸ… 11th - 100: 5,000 CARIB

πŸŒ€ The top 10 winners each get an NFT from our Sprint sponsor/s. (TBA)

πŸ† All winners (100 total) will receive an exclusive CARIB Zealy Sprint II NFT!

NOTE: CARIB and all other token rewards will be distributed within (14 days after) sprint completion.

Sprint I rewards info is available in the Zealy channel on our Discord and view pinned messages.

🚨 Quests are subject to change, remember to check the Carib DAO Discord regularly for updates.

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Win a Carib DAO Discord Role + CARIB Airdrop

Our verified Discord role holders benefit from daily crypto gift boxes, our token-gated member's area, alpha chat, and of course more unlocked quests during sprints. If you want to really compete for the top spots, you will inevitably need a role.

Here's your chance to win one and earn some CARIB.

πŸŽ— Visit the #roles channel in our Discord for more info.

Everyone wins...

πŸ“ Post your CARIB wallet (BNB Smart Chain) address in the comments below for:
  1. A chance to win 1 / 3 Carib DAO roles!
  2. CARIB token airdrop

Good luck!

NOTE: After 7 days, the winners will be selected randomly by DP_Carib on Binance Live. Follow @caribdao to get the live stream link when it becomes available.

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$CARIB Sent!



$CARIB Sent!


Hi πŸ‘‹ πŸ€” πŸ’›



$CARIB Sent!


CONGRATS, YOU WON THE OG ROLE! Please check on Discord.

Many thanks :) Carib



$CARIB Sent!