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I was handed the Hivetorch blazing fire by my teacher @dmilliz , thank you for the kind words bro.

For more information on this HIVE Torch, see this post here by @stayoutoftherz who got it all started.

I am the 212th person to pass the torch on ,it is said they have a goal of hitting 333. In this Torch pass, you add 1 Hive or none.

I want to pass this blazing baton to my brother in Suriname @JustinParke . A true Rasta man who has embraced peace , unity , healthy living and harmony as a way of life.
The brother and his whole family bring a lot of value to the Hive blockchain and especially from my perspective the reggaejahm community. Keep up the good work breeding, you are an inspiration to many.Come in my bro -@JustinParke run wid this and keep the positive and indeliblevibrations blazing.


Bless up @missaj!!

Give thanks for the upful words and for the blazin' fiyah'. I will sleep on it a night think of the right person to receive this. Definitely gonna add a HIVE and send it onward and upward.

Positive things going on here, we got an Ital catering gig for 20 people on Thursday, and Surinamers aren't so familiar with Ital food, so we are curious how it will go.

Keep holding a firm meditation in Japan, upful vibes out to you from Suriname.

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Nuff respect ✊🏿!