sorry my last words to say

in GEMSlast year

This is a poem that I have written to my love Maria to bring her back to me, a sign that I am sorry for all that I have done to her in the past and to be a good man in her life from this moment on.

I hurt myself countless times because you are not here with me.
I know I was wrong, I hit you when I shouldn't have used my hands on you but to love and caress you.
Now I have known what I must do, as a man that I am.
I want to repent my love, please let me make a good choice for me.
I walk through the four lands and praying to the gods, after all the rituals I have to perform, now I am referred to you, to beg you too and be forever with you.

Don't hate me anymore Maria, Love me the same as before,
We were meant to be, mistakes come, I've learned and put them aside.
You don't know how much I've cried inside
You don't how much I've suffered thinking about my stupidity of loving the wrong person, when you were by my side all day long.
I know that with all the nonsense that I said to you
You might think, that I'm the same, please just for once, look me in the eye and see if I'm true.

For too much thinking of you
I see you everywhere I go
Like a shadow in my eyes, following me wherever I go.
I know I should be ashamed, but what should I do?
I admit I was wrong, my love it's me the Kokomaster
Please remember that name you used to call me.

I don't want to live on this wall again without you.
It looks like an empty wall
I was handsome and shiny when I was with you
But since the day I ate the wrong amulet my life started to scatter and I never knew that I was mistreating you.
I want to meet you at the Riverside, so you can look me in the eye and see that I'm true.

I want the cool breeze to touch our insides
For the gods to speak of us and tell you my I'm true
I know words from me don't seem so important because I once betrayed your love for me
But now I'm here, forever and ever with you, my love.

Please love me like you used to because any little difference from what you used to give me, could make my life never be the same again.
I'll wait if you want me to wait
I'll keep praying till my prayers are answered
What else am I to the world, if I'm not on your side.

Right now I'm on my knees my loving damsel
praying for God to touch your heart to love me again
because, whenever you call me
I'll be ready to make you smile.

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