Anything worth doing is worth doing well

in GEMSlast year

A lot of people makes choices each day, some choice we make comes as a result of the challenges we face in our relationship, where someone's interest in the relationship is in jeopardy and he needs to take a break and some we face it in our businesses, where a lot of money spent in funding project could not yield any positive results, I see that if someone loves something, he/she would find it very hard to let go, no matter how it makes us feel, the truth is, if we feel so bad about it today, the next day our minds will get somewhere else, and we will not think the same anymore.

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No person have two choices, our like in a position of two or three things will always be one, at some point, we may have an alternative, "that is something in support" if the one we choose is no more there, we switch over to the other one.

In the world today we have talented people who spent a lot of money in their dreams, one thing about chasing a dreams is that, it is time consuming and it demands so much funding, because dreams is always hard to come easily, but these people who knows what they are into will never give up, if they gave up, It only means, it was not a dream, dreams is demanding because one need to stay focused to achieve.

When a particular wind blow, it goes on one direction till it ends, if it was to choose another direction, I guess that wind will have to go and to come another day, pouring out our minds into what we like, would never allowed the person to achieve nothing, having an understanding about what will benefit your life in the future is a great tool. that would keep you growing if you keep on on the path.

But it would only be complete when you understand that, anything that is worth doing, it worth doing well, think of it this way, "why wasting your time when you do not believe in that thing, and if really you know the path is a good one, do not hesitate to poured out your mind into it and get a better ground, because anything worth doing is worth doing well".

No parents would be happy to see their child in school not taking his academic pursuit serious, no matter how the child may tried to prove himself to them, at the end, he will find out that his parents didn't buy his idea, yet keep believing he should have been in school by now to be nurture. maybe later on others thing's he sees for himself may follow but for now, what is worth doing is worth doing well.