What does failure have to do with love

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Most people fail in love, not as a result of their actions, when they face horrible situations, this makes me see love as something a person should try and understand, if a person lived with this kind of feeling, that he had failed in love.

It could be a hurt feelings towards oneself, the truth about this is that everybody does not like failure, we always want to win.

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I know it is not good to hope for someone, like depending on a person but some hopes are better hopes, when we discover that without these hopes we are nothing.

"A man once believed in his son, his son was attending a Naval college, but the son's lifestyle changed the day he took on the college, he was not as his father expected him to be.

The son was many times involved in bad acts, which caused his expulsion from the school, it broke his father's heart and hurt him for believing in him, because as his son, he expected him to make him proud.

The son had failed him and I don't think such a thing he did will ever be forgotten in his father's heart, because some of his classmates in school graduated with honors and are now working at the naval base and other places that naval duties are required.

But as a son the father will not kick him out but he will feel hurt every time he looks at him, the reason is because, he could not do what he expected from him.

failure does not make anyone happy, that is why we must be attentive to our steps all the time, so we do not fall into a gallop of failure that can hurt us in our future.

Thinking about this kind of incidents makes me come to my senses, what is the essence of life if we could not do that thing to feel proud of ourselves.

feelings for love come with expectations that is the hardest truth, the things that happen when these expectations are not met are broken hearts, which I would not want anyone to experience because failure is never good, winning takes the lead, it makes a person happy and to believe more in himself.


instead of just falling in love, why not raise to love? =)

Thank you for saying this @wanderfullism, I agree with you.