Love is a very important thing in life for a movie?

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Love is a very important thing that our people need for everything. Just as important thing is that love is not found in many people at the present time, but last Monday or March 9, a brother proved that there is something called love in this world, you must be suffering from that cancer.

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Listening to the girl, I was really upset when they heard that her married life was only 12 days. She held hands with her loved ones. She had a dream in her school life. Knowing that the man with cancer would die, her beloved man married her but she spent 12 days of her married life with her beloved man. Her beloved man proved that true love is still there in this world.
True love never dies True love survives for thousands of years A lot of such love is seen around the street A lot of times it is seen that a girl loves a boy very much and again that boy loves that girl very much but under the pressure of family who has to leave that boy The boys say that if the girls were in love then maybe they would have gone crazy on the side of the road or they would not have gone crazy. Yes, it is true that the girl has left the boy I think I will never forget the man who gave me the place I think I will never forget because true love can never be forgotten The man who doesn't get true love becomes a living Crying for love is a thing that can never be forgotten by someone who is loved and who can be given a place in the depths of the mind You can never get out of there. Survive the true love of the car as long as it lasts in this world,