LaQ Creative and Educational Toys (POB)

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Hey Hivers,

Do you know this toy?

It’s called LaQ.
Its made of several pieces of varying shapes and colors and has become popular among pre-school and elementary/primary school 🏫 kids in Japan. The typical set has seven main pieces but there are additional pieces as well. LaQ is designed and marketed for children 5 years and older.


The smallest set I’ve seen had 38 pieces while the largest had 5,000 pieces.

Here is a picture of a few animals made by my son when he was a preschooler.

Can you identify the four animals?
Let us know what you think they are in the comments below.

Maybe I'll post a timelapse video of them making something at a later date.

Stay connected, stay blessed.


I think you can find them in the toy section of most big electronic stores

Respect @missaj. @dmilliz you found any on your side?

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Interesting toy! Have to guh buy a set .

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You should be able to find them in the bookstores. Have you seen these toys around the place @missaj