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Source Students from the Filmmaking BA (Hons) at Nottingham Trent University on location.

Back in the nineties, when I lived just north of Liverpool, there was a notice over the hatch in the public bar of The Liver Hotel, which we would use as a rendezvous and office on a Saturday afternoon, saying "no begging or pleading".

The phrase worked its way into our lives and we still use it today or, more likely, its inversion, either "I'm going to have to do some begging and pleading" or "that'll involve some begging and pleading" when any of us want to make something happen.

Today, I'm doing some begging and pleading on behalf of a young film-maker who is trying to raise funds to make his final year short film. Here's the trailer explaining what he's trying to do:

He's been making films since he was about ten, saving up to buy his own kit and cajoling all his friends into being his cast (and sometimes holding the other camera). Now he's in his last year at Nottingham Trent University and his film making has developed exponentially while he's been there.

I'm really proud to support him and beg and plead on his behalf to raise the money to make his latest short film. Fundraising options start from £2 a throw, so please make your way over and sign up:

IndieGoGo - Until The Sun Comes Up

EDIT at 12:21: although the campaign target has been met, a contingency has arisen - the editing computer needs a new graphic card - also the constantly changing COVID-19 regulations are creating some extra filming costs, so please keep supporting.

Thank you for your support - you'll enjoy saying in the future, "aye, I helped him with his first film" 😁.

All rewards from this post will go towards funding the film.



Good luck to the guy!

Thank you - and best wishes to you in your new home!

I hope he is able to complete his project.

Thank you, I'm sure he will. I've always been impressed with his tenacity.
Best wishes for 2021!

@shanibeer, These kinds of Kind Gestures spreads Togetherness and Peace in this Chaotic World. Your efforts are really appreciable aspect.

Happy new year and stay blessed always.

Thank you @chireerocks and best wishes to you for 2021!

Welcome and thank you so much.

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I've chipped in and I see he is over his target. He needs a Hive account :)

Thank you - that's great, will help with contingencies :)
He's got an account, I created one for him but I think it would be a distraction just now. Maybe later ... 😁

Well if he does post then let me know and @tenkminnows will give some support.


Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

Hi Shani

This is a great cause and I'm happy to contribute to funding this young film-maker. I watched the video, it was well edited and concise getting the message across. Mental health issues are so important, and the way that many LGBTQ people are still treated by some in society is appalling. At the end of the day people are just people, no matter how they feel or identify themselves.

10 hive tip from me. I hope it helps and he gets enough to enter into the film festival.

there was a notice over the hatch in the public bar of The Liver Hotel, which we would use as a rendezvous and office on a Saturday afternoon, saying "no begging or pleading".

I think I might have sold t-shirts in that place 😉

I remember back in 2017 when I wrote a 1500 word creative travel blog on steem only to have every comment on the blog be something along the lines of 'great post sir, please see my post and vote'. Twas a classic "no begging or pleading" moment 😂

Happy new year.