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RE: Spring Display of Coffee at Starbucks

in Cinnamon Cup Coffee2 months ago

Hello @fruityfruitz
Thank you for stopping by!
That Cherry Blossom Packaging caught my eyes immediately. How nice!😍
If I had one wish, it would be to take that Tokyo Roast NOW!
My pick would be the dark roast ;)


It caught my attention too. Wish I had taken a better shot. I tried not to get in the way of customers and couldn’t act as if I was there for a coffee photo shoot. Haha!
Sending you a virtual Tokyo Roast☕️🎶😃

Thanks! I guess that will do :)
I miss Tokyo and would have loved to visit once more before leaving Asia, but not this time. Maybe someday another chance will present itself.

😃Hoping you’ll get the chance to visit again especially after corona decides to behave. Lol