Spring Display of Coffee at Starbucks

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Hi Hivers. How are you?
This is my first official post to @Cinnamon Cup Coffee. Some days ago I reblogged @ratitells post.

This week I passed by Starbucks and checked out their spring display of coffee, cups and flasks. It was quite cherry blossom-themed.
Spring is in the air.

I did notice that they had Tokyo Roast. What’s your preference, blonde roast, medium roast or dark roast?




Probably sark roast although I see they have some Kenyan beans. I am a big fan of East African coffee. Ethiopian Sidamo especially but when I was working in Tanzania I was blown away by theirs, it was superb. Still we all know Jamaica produces the BEST coffee hands down 😃

Yes, they have some Kenyan beans. The ones you had in Tanzania must had been really good. I honestly don't know much about coffee and its varieties but I'm still Team Jamaica. Hehe. Blue Mountain is actually quite pricey here in comparison to other beans.

Hello @fruityfruitz
Thank you for stopping by!
That Cherry Blossom Packaging caught my eyes immediately. How nice!😍
If I had one wish, it would be to take that Tokyo Roast NOW!
My pick would be the dark roast ;)

It caught my attention too. Wish I had taken a better shot. I tried not to get in the way of customers and couldn’t act as if I was there for a coffee photo shoot. Haha!
Sending you a virtual Tokyo Roast☕️🎶😃

Thanks! I guess that will do :)
I miss Tokyo and would have loved to visit once more before leaving Asia, but not this time. Maybe someday another chance will present itself.

😃Hoping you’ll get the chance to visit again especially after corona decides to behave. Lol

My dad drinks coffee every day. He can't word without coffee. 😁

Haha, me too 😂


I can imagine. That's almost like me and fruits. I can work without it but I need to have at least a little piece when I'm done. Hehe!

Thank you for stopping by Cinnamon Cup Coffee!
I'm not a lover of pink, but I adore that pink cherry blossom package.
I think I'd give the medium roast a try :)
I like the souvenirs too. Reminds me of this Disney Coffee Flask my friend gave to me last time in Tokyo.


I'm not so pinky either but the packaging is really cute. Virtual medium coming right up. ☕️🎶
The souvenirs!I wanted to spend a little more time in that section but others had that idea too. Lol
Nice flask you have there. Some of my friends have collections of Starbucks flasks, cups or souvenirs in general. I can't keep up.

I love the variety.
Notice the mix of pink and blue. Nice merge if you don't want one that's too pink or too blue. Haha!
😃Good feeling of spring.

Oooh, nice! I haven't tried their Tokyo roast yet. How is it?

I haven't tried it either. I imagine it's good. Thanks for stopping by. 😃

All the coffee here in Suriname is instant powders, such a shame. I haven't smelt freshly roasted coffee in nearly 2 years, don't know why the locals here don't appreciate quality coffee.

Really? That’s interesting. I guess they’re not so big on coffee.

untitled.gifThank you. 😃

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