The “Tea” that Caught Me Offguard

A cup of Mlesna caramel cream tea

Hello, hello, hello.
I’ve been off the hive for a while.
Thought I’d check-in and catch up with a cup of tea.
If you read my last tea post, you’d have seen some beautiful polish pottery that I took photos of by a friend’s house. If you missed it, you can view it here:

I recently received a cup from that same friend. It’s so beautiful. I took several shots of it.



Now for the tea that caught me off guard. I was meeting up with another friend early one afternoon. Prior to that, I had to run some errands and so did she. Unfortunately I finished much later than I had expected and felt bad about having her wait for such an extended period of time. We were supposed to have lunch together but with the time change it meant we were both really hungry. I rushed to get to her and while apologizing for being late, she basically stopped me, thanked me for being late and began expressing how much my friendship meant to her. I really wasn’t expecting that and was at a loss for words even before she proceeded in giving me a lovely card and a lovely package of tea. I was so touched. Had it been a special occasion, I probably would have suspected or expected it. This time however, I was “caught” completely off-guard.


Package of teas

Opening the package

Matcha and earl grey tea, Caramel cream tea

Matcha and earl grey
Caramel cream

Several blends of Mlesna tea

I really enjoyed the first cup of tea from the lovely package. Friendships are special and ”where there’s tea, there hope”.

Thank you for reading my post. Have a great day. 😃


Hello @fruityfruitz

Instant Coffee!!-12.jpg

When there is tea, there's always hope.

I like that.

That was a nice surprise indeed.
Nice cheerful looking pottery too:0

Have a nice day!

😃Thanks @cinnccf. It’s an interesting tea slogan.

Yes, it was a lovely surprise and a great way to sample the new cup. Lol

😃Have a great day too.🎶

Looks like you got some nice flavors of tea there. Nice mug too. I like the design.


😃Thank you @leaky20. My first time trying the mix of these flavors. Quite tasty. I love the design of the mug as well. It adds to the tea experience.
Have a great day.🎶

What a wonderful suprise !

I love that cup.

😃Really a lovely surprise.
The cup fits perfectly in the palm of my hands and the tea remains warm for a while. Thank you. I love it too.

My girl yu cup a Seh #1

😂🤣Mi a walk out wid mi cup. 😆