Hive Learners Creative Sunday// TOYA covered by Chidistickz FT Sampraise77

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Happy Sunday guys, it's another Sunday and for sure I've got a beautiful song for you guys today, just hope you would like it.


For this week's creative sunday, I didn't wanted to do it alone so I went to the usual friend @sampraise77 who is now a member of the blogchain, we did the usual, he played the guitar and I sang, he backed me up but his voice wasn't too loud you might not here him very well.

We did a cover of TOYA by Tim-Godfrey, it was really fun making the video, I enjoyed every bit of it, the song's title means PRAISE HIM, it's an Igbo word, I love the song because it encourages me to always praise God even when everything is down.

I've heard people say they don't have tangible reason to praise God, it's really a lie because they life God has given them is reason enough to praise him, and one thing I know that is certain is that when we praise God, he is stimulated to give us more.


Toya eze ..toya
You made the lame man walk
You made the blind man see
Toya eze ..toya
You made the dead man rise
Walked upon the sea
Toya eze ..toya
If you did it before
You can do it today

Toya eze ..toya
Agu ne chemba one
Ebube dike ..ekwueme
So i lift my hands

To give you all my praise

Toya eze..toya
You made the lame man walk
You made the blind man see
Toya eze ..toya
You made the dead man rise
You walked upon the sea
Toya eze …toya

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Your voice is phenomenal and sampraise guitar playing is lovely
I love the song and I will try to download as soon as possible

Is a beautiful song bro
Try it and you'd love it
Thanks for coming around 🙏💜

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Wow! That was great. Keep it up.

Thanks allot sir
I'm glad you liked it