HL-CREATIVE SUNDAY @scottykriz (I can't stop) original

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👋🏾Hello friends
It's Hive Learners creative Sunday "Am wishing you all a Happy Sunday. My name is @scottykriz and today being Sunday I would like to present to you all my original song titled I can't stop. for the HL-CREATIVE SUNDAY.

Am so excited to be able to engage in today's audition and also very happy that I find myself as among those participating.
It as not been a easy journey but as we all know there's nothing that comes easy

Hive Learners creative Sunday has help me so much in improving my art and as well supported me so much for that reason I always find it motivating to always key in, in aspect which I could whenever I could.

I enjoy making music and also sharing it gives me joy as I feel music is spiritual and I could serve as antidote to some problems sometimes.

I made a freestyle song today and I'm glad I could share it with you all. I hope you guys enjoy this song. Thank you.

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Hello @scottykriz it's nice to see you sing an original song, but one little thing I noticed is the wordcount on your post. You see, CS (Creative Sunday) has a wordcount of 300 words, so next time, try telling us more about your song and how you came about it.

Thank you for this notification
I will try to do better next time.