Three things that scarce me, but I don't know how come of it

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This first one started when I was in school, and by that time, i used to take my morning bathes exactly at 5:35 in the morning and if i delay to take bathed, that means i am going to be in school late and latecomers were dealt with in school.

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I do not know if anyone feels the same way as I did, because, taking early morning bathes make me to shake, and you know the time I shake the more ? is the time I poured the cold water on my body, my formation now is, when I want to pour the cold water on my body, I will shout, "holy water" and that's when I will be able to bathe.

Hence, taking bathe in the afternoon is never a scare thing to me, I can bathe as many as I like, as far as, the time isn't in the morning where I will have to shout holy water before I am able to pour the cold water on my body. lolz

Drugs happens to be one of the thing that scared me so much, since when I was a child, i do not like drugs, infact, I am not a friend of anything that is called drug's or that's related to drugs, I just want to used natural ways to diagnose headache and malaria, drugs wonder me a lot, "like, how I am going to swallow?", whenever I want to swallow it, drug's will do me as if I am about to swallow a stone.

There was once i was having malaria and I used natural ways to treat myself, even if it's later subdued in some days, I was still feeling the symptoms of malaria on my body, and my brother told me to try and take drugs so that it takes away the malaria at once, but I couldn't do it even when I was not myself because the malaria was still disturbing, lolz.

But right now I admire the courage I used on myself because I can take drugs when I want to, I even chew vitamin C in a weekly interval, meanwhile, back then, any vitamin was so irritating to me, lolz.

I do not like height, and I do not ever think, I will be able to coop with that, Height make me scared, honestly speaking, I do not climbed height any time without being scared. I have a friend in the city and he lived in a building that has room's in the upstairs and lower parts, but my friend lives in the up side of the building, it seems he likes houses in the upper side.

When I was with him, I was having a hard time climbing to his room, I used to admire the people who lives in the downstairs, I was just imagining how it would be, if my friend was one of those people.

Each of the time water stop to rush in the room, and I will go to the down stairs to fetch water, it was hard on me because taking water from the down to the upstairs was so tiring, I will be tired and I took a lot of break in each of those times.

I was now one leg at my friends room and one leg at this guy room i met in the lodge which understand me when I told him of how much I am scared when I climbed the upstairs of the building.

Once I was on the upside of the building and I looked at the down, believe me, it was as if I was flying all along and that I was going to fall, the scariness of seeing all the buildings in the neighborhood alone was more than a hundred percent.


Who will like drugs i so much this like drugs at this age mom always force me to take drugs whenever am sick bathing cold water in the morning is a no no to me

These are very natural things we are scared of even till now we are adults.
Till today, I don't like bathing in the morning unless the water is boiled.

I dislike taking drugs too, but when am down with an illness, it becomes the only viable pathway to regaining good health

It also includes things fear of "spirits"
Thinking of life after death.

Bathing cold water in the morning is not easy, a person needs to plan in the time of pouring that water on the body.
Taking drugs make a person to keep his face somehow while swallowing it.

Hope the holy water still works for you now

Yes oooooooooooooo it still works 😂😂😂

Haaa my brother we're on the same page
Cold water early in the morning, why won't I be scared
And worst taking drugs is what I hat

I guess if I want to choose between bathing cold water in the morning and taking drugs, I will choose none 😂😂