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RE: HivePUD - 1 July 2021

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Wow you are doing great with all your investments! I wasn't aware of all those tokens on H-E (some of them, but not all) so I'll have to poke around a bit and check them out.
(this is Phoenix on my alt account, lol)


Hello @faeriestories and @phoenixwren 😍
I heard somewhere that millionaires have an average of seven passive income streams, so I'm building my hive version 😂.
I really like EDS (@eddie-earner), it's a simple low cost of entry income token. When it first came out, I thought it was perfect for savers - maybe young people saving for college or grandparents building a nest egg for granchildren. SPI was my romantic idea to own 10% of an investment fund, I shall enjoy putting that on my CV 😆

I have a few passive income streams, but they earn me a few cents or a few dollars at a time. 😂 So I guess I need four more and that'll be the charm! 😉

that'll be the charm!

That's right!


Not sure whether this is working, but let's try:


Hey can I ask, I put enough Engage on this account to use it but it just said "have 1001 tokens to call the bot" and not how many tokens per day I can drop with said bot? How do you determine what number to put after the call?

I also don't know how big your budget is each day (eg there's a limit of 100 engage to dish out); I don't think there is a budget, because I've given out lots, other times, there are lots of people giving out lots and I get a "there's been too much engage today" message. It always feels a bit like, "hey, I told you not to play with those kids" when every other time the message is "play with all the kids and play nice" 😂.

hehehe ... erm there is a post somewhere that says the parameters (10-50?), but I can't remember where to find the post or what the limits are, so I tend to stay between 10-30. The rest is up to your judgement - a really good comment gets top whack, a feeble I'm-making-a-comment-because-I'm-trying-to-get-into-the-weekly-draw gets 10 - if they're lucky.

Thank you! I couldn't find the explainer post when I looked.