HivePUD - 1 July 2021

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Medieval meadow at the back of where I live. Buttercups have been replaced with clover and seeding grasses. It was an overcast day, but warm and good to be out. There was lots of wildlife out and about, many rabbits, lots of birds, I wasn't fast enough to catch any on camera 😁.

Welcome to Hive Power Up Day - check out the post by @traciyork for all the details - you may be eligible for a prize.

I enjoyed a Hive spending spree over the past week or so, buying a little every day. My best buy was at about 21c, but all of them have been under 30c, so I've been very happy.

It helps with my Saturday Savers Club project, too. Last week we hit the midpoint - 26 weeks on the 26 June with just over 56 Hive powered up for the week. We're moving into the second half of the year of saving by compounding an additional penny a day so the amount of Hive each week is steadily increasing. You're very welcome to join us, by the way.

This power up will bring my account back to 55,000HP. With the Hive-Engine wallet, that's about 114,000 Hive overall. I'm impressed, I was aiming for 5,000HP 😂. I do like Hive, it's a wonder every day to see what's happening, and the latest HF25 - Equilibrium - has brought a nice feel with it, I love the opportunity for leisurely curation and the recurring payments subscription feature, both open lots of new doors.

I have been exploring other cryptos, I'm starting to put together a list of the ones that interest me, but at the moment, I'm stacking pennies and Hive until later in the year, possibly early next year, before I start buying.

On Hive-Engine my passive income streams are coming along. I have some new targets there:

SPI9,88010,000Holdings and earnings report for w/e 26 June 2021 Investment token, weekly dividends in SPI on Sunday.
LBI5,0295,000Holdings and earnings report for w/e 26 June 2021. Dividends not active yet, will pay out on Saturday.
EDS2,0922,000@eddie-earner Income token, weekly dividends in Hive on Monday, home to Saturday Savers Club.
CL7661,000Holdings and earnings report for w/e 26 June 2021 Farms CUB finance, weekly dividends in LEO on Friday.
UTOPIS63100White Paper weekly dividends in Hive on Sunday.

SP Investments have already picked up on the opportunities offered by the recurring payments feature: I reckon we can expect a pay day every day by the end of 2021. Lovely!

Saturday Savers Club
I run a savings club every Saturday over on the @eddie-earner account. We're aiming to save £670 ($800) by the end of the year using the 365 day savings challenge. You can join any time of the year and set your own goals and plans (some people are saving Hive, others Bitcoin, some their local currency). We share savings tips and there's a free giveaway every week.

Three things newbies should do in their first week and, for most things, forever afterwards!



Wow you are doing great with all your investments! I wasn't aware of all those tokens on H-E (some of them, but not all) so I'll have to poke around a bit and check them out.
(this is Phoenix on my alt account, lol)

Hello @faeriestories and @phoenixwren 😍
I heard somewhere that millionaires have an average of seven passive income streams, so I'm building my hive version 😂.
I really like EDS (@eddie-earner), it's a simple low cost of entry income token. When it first came out, I thought it was perfect for savers - maybe young people saving for college or grandparents building a nest egg for granchildren. SPI was my romantic idea to own 10% of an investment fund, I shall enjoy putting that on my CV 😆

I have a few passive income streams, but they earn me a few cents or a few dollars at a time. 😂 So I guess I need four more and that'll be the charm! 😉

that'll be the charm!

That's right!


Not sure whether this is working, but let's try:


Hey can I ask, I put enough Engage on this account to use it but it just said "have 1001 tokens to call the bot" and not how many tokens per day I can drop with said bot? How do you determine what number to put after the call?

I also don't know how big your budget is each day (eg there's a limit of 100 engage to dish out); I don't think there is a budget, because I've given out lots, other times, there are lots of people giving out lots and I get a "there's been too much engage today" message. It always feels a bit like, "hey, I told you not to play with those kids" when every other time the message is "play with all the kids and play nice" 😂.

hehehe ... erm there is a post somewhere that says the parameters (10-50?), but I can't remember where to find the post or what the limits are, so I tend to stay between 10-30. The rest is up to your judgement - a really good comment gets top whack, a feeble I'm-making-a-comment-because-I'm-trying-to-get-into-the-weekly-draw gets 10 - if they're lucky.

Thank you! I couldn't find the explainer post when I looked.

Looking great @shanibeer. When I grow up I want to be like you. Lol 😂

Hehe - you could do worse 😍.
Good to see you @bearmol, did you power up anything on 1 july?


Would need to have hive to power up I think. Since my strategy is still 💯% HP I'm not sure the power up offer applies to me. Does it?

Ah, I see - you power up rewards 100% all the time?
You're right, you wouldn't be eligible. Maybe we could set up a 10 hive prize or giveaway in Saturday Savers Club to bring some more people into to HivePUD. I think there is also a helper badge - let me look into that.

Sounds good to me. I'm sure members would be happy to get some extra hive.

@shanibeer Thank you

I'm getting interest on UTOPIS, is it worth invest on it?

The return seems quite good to me, but I'm not sure that I am going to buy more than 100 tokens.

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Great to see you @teamuksupport, good to see you've made it though the hard fork 😍

Congratulations @shanibeer! You received a personal badge!

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Hive Power Up Day - July 1st 2021 - Hive Power Delegation

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Day - July 1st 2021 - Hive Power Delegation

Yay, @hivebuzz! Timed my power-up just right so the badge arrived on the power up post!

Well done @shanibeer 😊👍 Hope you had a nice HPUD and we wish you a happy buzzy weekend!

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