To the critic: Our happiness still remains intact

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The keys to happiness in crypto is to think less of the crypto market wether bull or bear and focus more on the future it hold, because having to put all our mind's on the market alone may hinder us in the aspects of believing in the evolution of crypto currency.


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The first step to success is to believe in the thing you are into, but by checking if the market is healthy or not all the times, that alone can make one to backslide and loose on his focus, when the market does not give him what he want.

Wether we experience a good time in the business or not, as the business owner we should continue to love it because if we can not see the good part of the business, our customers will not see it either.

It is us who would speak the goodswill to them, then those who sit at the corner making critic's would not have so much to talk about the market.

One idea about love is unconditional, which you must believe with me, without something in the middle that connote this words (unconditional), that means there is no love.

I remember a friend in my college year ago who says when she loved she loves with all her heart, to be true this is how our love for cryptos should be like, now I have seen that It wasn't so unfortunate that I feel that way.

So I think this is the time we should surprised those who kept on making critic's on the whole thing about crypto currency, because it is not by their power that the bull run will come, no one knows when but it must surely come, that is for sure.

So let confused those who one day or the other make critic using crypto currency that the best is yet to come.

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