JAHM - BBQ - 06.24.2021

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JAHM - BBQ - 06.24.2021.


As it turns out, sometimes it's much easier to have a real barbecue than to write a post about barbecue).

Yes, I could feel it today when 50 streets of our city were de-energized for several hours.

I began to lose hope that I would be able to write another post and burn another portion of Jahm coins, but Thank God, everything bad, one day, ends.

At such moments, you can learn to enjoy simple things, such as the glowing paw for charging the battery of my computer and the green lights on the router's case.


I will burn 300 #JAHM coins!

Jahm Coin Burning Monitor: 50683,97841671 + 300 = 50983,97841671 Jahm.
In total, we sent 50983,97841671 #Jahm coins to the furnace.

You can see the confirmation of the transaction below.


All #Jahm coins I earn by voting for your comments and for this post will be on fire and sent to @null.

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