Today’s photography + Live Reggae Performance Recommendation

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Nothing like a Saturday morning walk and photography to get the day started right. As I walked I deliberately scared these ducks into flying so I could get the shots above and below. Tired of taking pics of laying ducks. 😆


I made sure to bring my camera this time as there is a certain bird I’ve been wanting to take a snap of for months. Did I get a snap of that bird? Read on the find out!


The bird above is a Heron? And the one below is an egret? I believe. The come from the same family of long necks and legs for sure. At first glance one would think the herons are a king version of the egret as they are often seen together. I like the pic below as it has that reflection of the bird in the water.

The egrets were out in droves. They even had a little fight going on, I’m guessing it’s mating season or badmind is active 😂.


And the bird I’ve been wanting to snap... yeah I got a far away shot as this bird is extremely fast and really hates humans. The name of the bird is a King Fisher.


I cropped it a bit so you could get a better 👀 but I guess my lens isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be. The King Fisher dives into the water after its meals which is usually small fish or insects. It is also good at catching insects while in flight. One day King Fisher, One day!



Live Performance Recommendation

Chill performance by the one and only Chronixx long side the zinc fence band. Mellow conscious vibration for the weekend.
His choice for his starter song makes sense and it also makes me really miss the yaad vibes where everyday feels like a Friday. Enjoy the weekend folks.


Hello brot, I hope you are well.
Those spaces are close to your home?
Simply spectacular. That bird will be photographed at some point, at some point you will be able to get that desired image.
Chronixx, in that very natural video The clean, impeccable sound transcends.
Thank you for sharing, sound without artifice.