Just want to say thank you all and Happy New Year

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Hello Hive folks! In this post, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone! Last year was hard but successful. I grow on many sides, have a good trip in Bulgaria, and become better at music. Also, we improve our life conditions and continue to grow. And in every step, I feel your support!

Each view, upvote, the comment is very important to me. From childhood, I wanna be a musician and now I gave up everything to do what I love and you help me. And my wife Tanya also! Because you and your kind words made her believe in herself!

So, dear friends, never give up and happy new year!)


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Special thanks to my permanent friends and supporters:
@mipiano, @movingman, @sketch.and.jam, @j85063, @roelandp, @andrewmarkmusic, @castleberry, @dmilliz, @ocd, @curangel, @ecency, @bil.prag.
Love you guys and big luck to you and your families this year!


Well, you are beautiful and she is beautiful... and you should both believe in yourself. It's a pleasure to support you guys and i am glad to hear your life is improving. I hope this New Year brings the best life has to offer getting momentum into the future! Cheers and i send my love and best regards to you both and your families!

Huge thanks! Big luck to you and your family!

You are most welcome! =)

Happy new year to both of you and may 2022 expand you further in your endeavours. Thanks for sharing the beautiful music with us😀

Thank you also! Wish you happiness! Hope in Australia will new page with a better life and friendly, free people.

Bring back freedom and thank you.

Happy holidays

Hi, friends!
Happy New Year! Stay high! :)