A Reflective Show of My Creative Talent

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I saw this topic in the community and all I could think of is going through all the song covers I've done since I decided to make use of my voice. It's been more than a year I started to sing here on Hive but I've been singing since I was little.

Singing is a talent of mine that I appreciate more and I find to be more fun than the other hobbies I have. I can sing anytime and anywhere, it is not just a talent to me, it has become a hobby and getting creative with it is part of my life's plan.

I decided to share some videos of me singing different songs... Just a way to showcase some of my works but they are all covers.

Image is mine and designed here

Getting creative in my singing is a plan and one of the things I'm doing regarding that is to learn even difficult songs, non English songs and songs that would demand more than me just singing. The video I shared has some of the covers I did that are like that.

I plan to do better with my singing and one way is to start composing my songs. I'm not good in this aspect or maybe I'm just not putting in the effort yet but I plan to do something about that. Having my own songs and singing songs better is a dream for my hobby - Singing.

I have other hobbies but the hobby of singing and writing have been a part of me since childhood and also earned me a lot of money than I would have imagined. Having fun and earning with it never came to my mind as a dream but I'm living it today thanks to the Hive Blockchain.

Singing have helped me built my self confidence, improve on my vocal strength and also helped me out of a lot of expenses. Singing is my talent and I'm grateful to have this amazing talent.

There's still room for more talents to be learnt while I improve on the ones I do have now. Do enjoy the small video showcasing different song covers I've done here on Hive.


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I am looking forward to your own songs. You have a beautiful voice.

I believe in you 👍

Haha soon my dear, thanks for believing in me 😊

Wow! You have I beautiful voice😍, I enjoyed listening to it.

Thanks dear 😊

Wow this is amazing , I like your style , you are really trying .keep the good work rolling

Thanks Wallay

I watched till the end 😁
You have a really good voice.
You should make your own songs you know 😉 😁
And yeah you're beautiful too 😍

I will make them soon
Thanks 😊

It's a remix song 🤔. I don't listen music too much but in case of remix song I understand nothing because I don't find any meaning because each song had different meanings. I think music lover can find the meaning easily.

Haha it isn't a remix and the only meaning I wanted anyone to get is that "Look, see how far I've come with my singing on Hive" 😁

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 172 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!