Beautiful Mansion in Berlin - Wannsee

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Hi Hive, look at this Beauty of a House!

We are lucky to have some beautiful golden,autumn weather
these days. So me & a friend jumped on our bikes and drove
to the famous Wannsee (See=lake). This is just one example
of what kind of houses & mansions you can find around the
I love the white/bright color, the terraces build up on 3 levels
and the majestic centered entrance with that big glass door/
entrance area.
Don't you like this design!?😀

Deutsche Zusammenfassung: Hallo Hive Freunde. Ja was soll ich sagen...
ich habe Dein ein richtig schickes "Häuschen" photographiert, als ich am
WE mit dem Fahrrad am Wannsee unterwegs war. Ich mag den Terrassen Aufbau,
das Helle und den großen zentrierten Eingang mit der großen Glastür bzw.





And here are some pics of the Wannsee:

Now imagine you kick back relaxed on one of those terraces,
a beautiful women "caters" you & you watch this beautiful piece of
Mother Earth.





In Summer it can look like this on a Wannsee Beach:

I love my Jamaica, but yes, Germany got nice spots, too.😉


Look at more examples of architecture around the Wannsee:

wannsee 3.jpeg

wannsee 2.jpeg

wannsee 1.jpeg

Kinda nice, isn't it!?😎

I also got the right tune for this post: "Haus am See" (House by the Lake)

This song is from Peter Fox, lead singer of Germanys most famous Reggae Band: SEEED
Beautiful lyrics about how he is "finding" his House by the the end of the road...

Thanks for stopping by! Love & Prosperity

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Hi @aplusd. Thanks for your welcome! Ok, 500 words minimum, i got'cha.😉

Yeah nice alright eh!

What a gorgeous spot and one I'll definitely have to visit one day (after lockdown is over..) oh and when we can fly out of it's on my list!

Sounds good, mate!
Stay strong down there, you heard. Impeach your insane government!😜
We will do the same here.😉

Out pollies are doing it (impeaching) to themselves and unfortunately we've got nothing better than them to look forward too...

One day though, we'll be out of this mess (and prob into another one...🙄..)

It's always something, right...!?😄

Yeah and it's going to get even worse I think...too many bloody idiots in charge of each nation with either greed and destruction in their eyes or with power and destruction in their twitchy fingers...🙄

That's why we take it in our hands...😉
Create & is the time.

I'm with you there and I have decided to take back my life and instead of just going with the flow as I try to get my significant things happening, I have just committed myself to trying to achieve the same things but from a different angle and helping those that need it the most by doing this

Wish me luck! 😃

Yes, good luck with this one! I love animals, even more since i'm Vegan...😊
So what exactly do people learn about the wildlife animal life..?