My adventure to the dry fish dam

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Hello guys, it's another day which I will be sharing my vlog here in this community. Today, I will be sharing a vlog about my adventure to the dried dam in my school and also the abandoned fish farm. I actually went late farm the farming adventure tho but while I was going to the dam, I decided to do some video as I was going on the way to the dam. After we have walked for a while in the middle of the forest with some of my friends, we finally got to the dried dam.

This dam is a very big one that has been abandoned for a while and the main dam that is a source of water to the dam is very low and water could not flow into the dam. Along the way, while we cross the dam, we saw an abandoned canoe in the dam and also the passage of water into the dam.

We went through and went to the abandoned pond where we were to work and make the pond come back to life. Lots of students were working in the pond to clear the grasses In the pond and also to dig the pond again to make some set of fishes inside it..

This is a very stressful one for us to do because this work is very difficult to accomplish.. At the end of the session today, we were unable to complete the digging the pond but we only cleared the pond today and by next week, we shall dig the pond so that it can be prepared for new set of fishes to be deposited into it.

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Its been a while i visited a fish dam as it was when i was younger and now which i am older, i have not been privileged to see one in reality. This is really a stressful work for you i can see that. Keep up the good work

Thanks so much bro, the finish dam was a very big one and a stressful one at that. Thanks for commenting