A Safari Tour of Sri Lanka by ©VagaBrothers Video 4K TV & Reggae Playlist

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Tonight I have only just got home after spending most of the day at my Son's house with other family members. Simply because Today is my Grand-Son's birthday celebration! Finnley is now officially 4 years old ~ Congrats to him 👏 We all had Birthday cake, drinks and nibbles to snack. A most enjoyable afternoon building and playing with his new toys LOL

Now that I'm back home and waiting for dinner, they is just enough time for me to share another "Travel & Music" video that I just found on the popular UK TV ©YouTube Channel.

If possible, please watch and listen to these latest videos on a High Definition "Wide Screen" TV. As the overall entertainment should be vastly improved (in my opinion). Both in audio quality and visually enhanced.

Happy Irie Saturday everyone... 😎

As always, please enjoy the awesome Reggae Riddim.... 🎶🎧

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The Video (below) was Up-loaded to ©YouTube by ©vagabrothers
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Today's video features Sri Lanka which is most definitely one of the world's most beautiful island Tourist destinations. If you enjoy seeing Elephants in Jungle settings, stunning beaches and Buddhas! You will love this eye-opening Tropical video experience.

  • Now for some cool "Road Trip" Reggae Music by various Artists.

The above "Travel Video" (& "Screen Shot" image) were both sourced from ©YouTube [here] Some "color enhancing" & focus filters were used by me on the paused "freeze framed" video "Screen Shot" image.


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