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RE: Discussion Session : Tourist Enjoy the Island While Jamaicans On Lockdown?

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WoW! This is most definitely a controversial decision indeed!

Being English myself and living in the UK, I honestly can't understand why anyone would even want to travel abroad for a Holiday in a Pandemic situation. I know some people may of booked a (Cruise) a long time ago, and I guess the Jamaican Gov don't want to discourage Tourism (an important income for Jamaica).

However, is this fair for the Jamaican people ? Probably NOT!

This Pandemic is not fair either, but we are stuck with it! For how long? Only God knows the answer to that question!

I think ALL Countries around the World (including UK) are struggling to find a very difficult balance between public safety and simply going "Bust" economically.

God help us ALL ....


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HAHAHAH very good point, who the hell is travelling now? Especially on cruise ships which helped spread the virus in the first place! That is a good question, were these pre-booked months ago or are these new bookings coming in for the cruise? Would be good to get that information. But either way the white sand beaches can’t just look pretty to make currency

Th pandemic is not fair at all and it is putting governments in tough situations making decisions that not everyone is going to be pleased with. I don't think I have heard any country say their government is doing a good job. They used say it in Jamaica how they were doing better than the rest of the world and praise the PM, but look at us now.

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My last "Cruise Ship" Holiday to Egypt was almost cancelled by the Volcano eruption in Iceland (years ago). Do you remember that? The thick fumes from it closed the UK Airports for several days. The wind changed direction just a few hours before we were due to fly. It was the fastest that we have ever packed suitcases in a mad panic LOL

That Cruise was booked over a year in advance, just to get a cheaper cabin as they always sell out the fastest.

However, with this Pandemic ~ The desperate "Travel Agents" are offering some very cheap prices just to put bums on seats. So people are being very tempted with so many "last minute" deals.

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Yes I remember that volcano. So you jumped on the flight before the ashes and smoke reached 😂 was their smoke in the sky as you flew?

Ok, so it seems most of these cruises were probably booked in advance and also people just wanna get back to normal and live some life. I should take a look at the kinda deals going on 🤔
I’d love to go on a cruise one day but I’ll wait a decade 😂.

The smoke in the air above the Airport closed the Airport for several days. The smoke cleared in the sky just a few hours before we were due to fly. The Airport then Re-Opened again, luckily for us! 💨 Just in time!

The flight was at 2:00 am ~ so much too dark to see anything really...

I’d love to go on a cruise one day but I’ll wait a decade 😂.

A wise decision, but let's hope we don't have to wait that long for Covid-19 to disappear 🤔

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