Discussion Session : Tourist Enjoy the Island While Jamaicans On Lockdown?

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On Monday September 13th a Carnival Cruise Ship docked in Jamaica carrying 1,700 passengers. Despite the government of Jamaica declaring the day A "no movement day", basically meaning no one is to leave their homes unless it is an emergency or they are special workers. Yes, a complete lockdown. Here is the announcement from the PM himself.

Now, many Jamaicans are disgruntled and are being very vocal that these 1,700 tourists were able to move on this "no movement day", granted they could only go to specified spots which a tour would take them such as; Dunn's River Falls, Green Grotto Caves , Mystic Mountain, the Island Village shopping Mall in Ocho Rios, as well as the beach near the Ship's dock. Here is a video of some of the tourists enjoying the beach while Jamaicans were on "No Movement Day".

Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett, amid the controversy, said the ship was allowed on local shores because Government was fulfilling a contract with Carnival Cruise Lines signed prior to the decision to the no-movement day declaration.


Discussion Session: What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you think it was fair to the Jamaican citizens and tourists not on the cruise ship? Do you think that Jamaica had to uphold their promise to the tourists and the cruise ship operators? Do you think it is a situation that couldn't be helped? Share in the comments below.


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My Thoughts


I personally feel it was a situation that could not be helped as tourism is the major income earner for Jamaica and any negative publicity would go a far way on an already stagnant industry. ( But maybe the vocal Jamaicans were negative publicity?)

Imagine the government deciding to cancel the cruise at the last minute or telling the tourists they can only stay on the boat? The fact that the tourist could only visit designated areas within the package also means they were not free to roam all about Jamaica. The government was trying to be accommodative and jump start the industry the island leans on.(Instead of investing in emerging technologies)

The fact that contractual arrangements were in place before the realization that there would be these so called "no movement days" means the agreement has to be upheld. But the truth is that these no movements days should never exist in the first place, especially in a developing nation like Jamaica where there is no form support for citizens affected by the economic fall out caused by the pandemic. Many Jamaicans live hand to mouth day in and day out.

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It's extremely unfair. I know safety is a concern, but the tourists were allowed to go to Dunn's River Falls, Green Grotto Caves and Mystic Mountain. NO vendors were allowed to see the tourists. So only the wealthy made money. The poor got what the duck got.

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The thing is, those cruise ship tourists don't even spend much money. They will bring a coke from the ship so they don't have to buy on the road 😆 but I feel it fit the craft vendors. The situation couldn't be helped, just bad timing.

It’s a delicate balance act that the government has to carry out. If you don’t honor your contact , you will face huge lawsuits and the works. On the other hand , I understand the feeling of the man on the ground - how can they go abd enjoy my nice recreation spots when I’m not allowed to leave my house ? The vendors also have a legitimate gripe , why can’t we eat a food when the big man can ?
So many factors to consider that I wouldn’t want to be the one to make these decisions at this time.

No movement days are hard on the regular man because many Jamaicans earn a living via daily wages. No work means no money. Moreover, the govt has not provided any kind of support in cash or kind recently to help the common man to cross this current hurdle.
As such , if there is potential for the craft vendors to safely eat a food and for other small business owners to benefit while the government honor their contractual agreements, the powers that be should do all they can to mage if happen.
It’s a difficult situation and the government will not do anything that everybody will be happy with but what they do should not only benefit the rich and powerful.

 3 days ago 

It is a very hard balancing act as you have to take all parties into consideration and too many moving parts. The no movement days is something I cant believe exists, I guess if we were down there in it we would feel it more and be more on the "how the tourists free up so side".

The thing is, even if you free up everybody, even the small biz man for that day, there would still be complaints about tourist roaming freely spreading covid

Speaking bout craft vendors, I saw a Japanese site that supporting them by selling their art. would love to do something like that. Though I still have crafts I couldn't sell from way back when.

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I think I know the site you are referring to. It is run by a Bonafide Sistren who love Yawd like jerk chicken. It would be good to help out like that but unfortunately many ppl from Yawd nuh catch di vision when we tell dem certain tings. Like I try to get some on here but they prefer to give their content away 🤷🏿‍♂️

 3 days ago 

Yeah, and a lot of the times when we try do things a yaad and we not there so much can go wrong. Is a good thing you sistrin doing.

Bwoi, because it hard to trade crypto a yaad it turn off nuff people, but these who tek them time find a way shall se a much brighter day.

WoW! This is most definitely a controversial decision indeed!

Being English myself and living in the UK, I honestly can't understand why anyone would even want to travel abroad for a Holiday in a Pandemic situation. I know some people may of booked a (Cruise) a long time ago, and I guess the Jamaican Gov don't want to discourage Tourism (an important income for Jamaica).

However, is this fair for the Jamaican people ? Probably NOT!

This Pandemic is not fair either, but we are stuck with it! For how long? Only God knows the answer to that question!

I think ALL Countries around the World (including UK) are struggling to find a very difficult balance between public safety and simply going "Bust" economically.

God help us ALL ....


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 3 days ago 

HAHAHAH very good point, who the hell is travelling now? Especially on cruise ships which helped spread the virus in the first place! That is a good question, were these pre-booked months ago or are these new bookings coming in for the cruise? Would be good to get that information. But either way the white sand beaches can’t just look pretty to make currency

Th pandemic is not fair at all and it is putting governments in tough situations making decisions that not everyone is going to be pleased with. I don't think I have heard any country say their government is doing a good job. They used say it in Jamaica how they were doing better than the rest of the world and praise the PM, but look at us now.

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My last "Cruise Ship" Holiday to Egypt was almost cancelled by the Volcano eruption in Iceland (years ago). Do you remember that? The thick fumes from it closed the UK Airports for several days. The wind changed direction just a few hours before we were due to fly. It was the fastest that we have ever packed suitcases in a mad panic LOL

That Cruise was booked over a year in advance, just to get a cheaper cabin as they always sell out the fastest.

However, with this Pandemic ~ The desperate "Travel Agents" are offering some very cheap prices just to put bums on seats. So people are being very tempted with so many "last minute" deals.

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 3 days ago 

Yes I remember that volcano. So you jumped on the flight before the ashes and smoke reached 😂 was their smoke in the sky as you flew?

Ok, so it seems most of these cruises were probably booked in advance and also people just wanna get back to normal and live some life. I should take a look at the kinda deals going on 🤔
I’d love to go on a cruise one day but I’ll wait a decade 😂.

The smoke in the air above the Airport closed the Airport for several days. The smoke cleared in the sky just a few hours before we were due to fly. The Airport then Re-Opened again, luckily for us! 💨 Just in time!

The flight was at 2:00 am ~ so much too dark to see anything really...

I’d love to go on a cruise one day but I’ll wait a decade 😂.

A wise decision, but let's hope we don't have to wait that long for Covid-19 to disappear 🤔

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This is a freakin' joke....no movement days!?
Jamaicans should impeach this government asap, before they try
to kill the kids with these "vaccines"...that's the bombaclaat truth.

 5 days ago 

Yup! In big bad Jamaica! Imagine all the street vendors how desperate they getting? The crime start increase. If it keep up any longer it ain't gonna be pretty.

Haha yo, some places even giving out we'd if you get vaccinated 😂

Misusing di Gunjah, to vaxx/depopulate the people...evil!Insane!
Bredda, people haffi stand up worldwide! I heard the Japanese government start mentioning Ivermectin..??

 3 days ago 

Yeah I saw a news video clip with a doctor recommending using it to treat Covid but the government nah pay him nuh mine. The doctor say him cure 500 people successfully . Well I know you saw the video 😆

No, a Japanese government official mentioned it...some minister or so...that's what i heard.

 2 days ago 

I just saw a clip with a doctor on bitchute , he was encouraging the government to issue some to every household incase there is a case in the home.

That's good, raise the truth-pressure!😜

How incredible how the state favors only the interest of those who have more power or political agreements, it seems to me a total contradiction, taking into account that the closures are to avoid contagions, that more dangerous than a group of foreigners who are locked up, You will see that this situation is more unusual every day.

 3 days ago (edited)

The funny thing is it has always been this way but the situation magnifies it. Even before the pandemic the small vendors were mostly left out as the tours went to specific spots. But the general public, the entire Jamaica, not even in the tourist zones were in their homes is indeed a strange situation. It seems there will only be one more of those so called "no movement days" the government said, but I doubt. It will come back during the xmas holiday season, the crazy season, and many wont obey I believe.

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While I don't know all the details, I think that this is a situation that needed to be managed more carefully.

What do you do when you have a contractual obligation?

What do you do as a citizen under restrictions when news of the freedom of movement visitors have come to your knowledge?

Was the reaction caused by the people not being aware of all the moving pieces?

Lots of questions

 4 days ago 

Most Jamaicans are now aware of the contractual obligation as the tourism minister had to make an announcement. The reaction for most was based on the fact that foreigners could move on that particular no movement day and Jamaicans could not and that only select shops would benefit from the arrival of the tourists ( the shops owned by the wealthy ) and not small business.

And then on top of that, the minister of agriculture was seen at a party on "No movement day"

@dmilliz Looks like that minister is now being asked to resign bro. (Update: Minister has submitted his resignation)

 3 days ago 

Yes! I saw that. Only right of him. He'll be back, they always come back 😆 and he is well respected.

Now Beenie asking how mi get arrested for just announcing an event last year and the minister caught on video at a party and no fine. But I guest stopping down from such a prominent role is enough punishment.

I think you’re right bro. Looks like he is loved by everyone. He’ll be back.

Jamaica better wise up & impeach the Depopulators... his Twitter says it all...one of the devils servants...

They should impeach him...

Well done bro

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