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A very cold start to Friday this week, frost everywhere and a bit slippery to be honest. The afternoon was better as all of the earlier frost had melted away, so I then went out for my daily exercise walk. A quick trip to my local park lake was enough for me, as It's not so enjoyable in the cold UK weather.

On returning home I have been busy finding some interesting content to share with you all for my daily "Travel and Reggae Music" blog. I could not decide which video to include, so today there are two, one about Travel and the other is a great Reggae playlist of songs for any kind of road trips. A great combination in my opinion.

If possible, please watch and listen to these latest videos on a High Definition "Wide Screen" TV. As the overall entertainment should be vastly improved (in my opinion). Both in audio quality and visually enhanced.

Happy Irie Friday everyone... 😎

As always, please enjoy the awesome Reggae Riddim.... 🎶🎧

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Today's video features Monaco where all the jet-setters tend to visit from around the World. This tiny Country has so much to offer Tourists as you will see in the informative video (below). Please be entertained...

  • Now for some cool "Road Trip" Reggae Music by various Artists.

The above "Travel Video" (& "Screen Shot" image) were both sourced from ©YouTube [here] Some "color enhancing" & focus filters were used by me on the paused "freeze framed" video "Screen Shot" image.


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