My son’s Rubik's Cube Challenge Week 2 (videos)

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Hey HIVE Family,

You may recall that last week I made a post of my 10 year old son’s attempt at solving the rubiks cube. You may also remember that I made a commitment to the community and to him that I’ll post one video of his progress weekly until he breaks the one-minute barrier.

Last Week
Last week he completed the cube in a minute and thirty seconds.

This Week
This week after several attempts he was able to better last week’s time by twelve seconds. So his time for this week is one minute eighteen seconds.

From all indications, the one minute barrier will be broken soon. Look out for the update next week.

Stay active, stay blessed

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Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the music used in the videos.


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Thanks @hivebuzz

You're welcome @bearmol 😉👍

That’s awesome. He’s doing so well.

Yeah @fruityfruitz. Salute


Is the old video this? Cause a 1:31 me see the right one on fb though

Sorry about that, made the adjustment. Both videos now posted. Looks like next week's post may be the final one.

Ow that's nice. I wonder how many days/hours per week he's puzzling.

He's been doing it on and off during his free time. Most of that time is spent playing video games like Minecraft and Mario. @tanjakolader

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Ah yes, that's good to diversify the games haha.
Ever thought of letting him play chess? That's also a brain stimulated game and he might find the options to "battle" fascinating 😅

He is interested in learning how to play chess. I started teaching him but haven't followed up on it.

Ah that's nice. I should train myself to play it more often though, because I do know the basic steps, but I don't like the hard thinking. But I guess that this game would be a great exercise for me I guess 😅

When he gets home from school 🏫 today we'll do another video and update you on his progress.
With some practice you could solve the cube. After that it's just about doing it faster. @tanjakolader

Haha ok nice. Looking forward to the progress 😊