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RE: My son’s Rubik's Cube Challenge Week 2 (videos)

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Ow that's nice. I wonder how many days/hours per week he's puzzling.


He's been doing it on and off during his free time. Most of that time is spent playing video games like Minecraft and Mario. @tanjakolader

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Ah yes, that's good to diversify the games haha.
Ever thought of letting him play chess? That's also a brain stimulated game and he might find the options to "battle" fascinating 😅

He is interested in learning how to play chess. I started teaching him but haven't followed up on it.

Ah that's nice. I should train myself to play it more often though, because I do know the basic steps, but I don't like the hard thinking. But I guess that this game would be a great exercise for me I guess 😅

When he gets home from school 🏫 today we'll do another video and update you on his progress.
With some practice you could solve the cube. After that it's just about doing it faster. @tanjakolader

Haha ok nice. Looking forward to the progress 😊