What's your Favorite Holiday?

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Greetings Hivers,


Decorations at the entrance of our apartment
How do you usually celebrate the festive season? Do you have your tree 🌲 and decorations out? When do you start decorating?

This year we have a small decorated section at the entrance of our apartment and slightly larger tree as our kids are now taller than the previous Christmas tree.


Christmas is one of my favorite holidays as it carries so many fond memories of times spent with family, having great food, fun and other festivities. I recall going to church and being reminded to remember the reason for the season.

As a country boy I recall waking up early in the morning to start the preparation, actually it started long before that with deep cleaning, painting, cutting away overgrown shrubs and moving the lawn. Then there was the Pre-Prep for the Christmas batter for the numerous cakes, sorrel, picking of peas, shopping for the gifts.

The community jack of all trades would be pretty busy going around and preparing Christmas goat 🐐. There was alot to go around and share with our neighbors. After the cakes were baked I had to go around and share the Christmas batch with friends and neighbors. Of course another batch of cakes would be prepared for the New Year.

Great times, Great memories.


We used to decorate right after Independence day (November 25th) or that's the earliest I would like to do it, but now I don't really do decorations. Maybe I'll change my mind after a few years. What I still do is the cleaning, spending time with family and friends and a lot of food of course hihi

In my family - can't speak for every Surinamese - we (used to) give out Christmas (food) packages to the elderly, with Christmas loaf, food supplies, etc. in it.

Food, family, friends . What an awesome recipe towards a great time.I hope this season will bring you and your family great joy and happiness.

Thank you and happy holidays to you and your kin! 🎊🎊🎊

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Like how you bring the vibes! Not a hint of xmas in my apaato. Gotta get the tree I bought at donqihote out the cupboard. Xmas is for sure my favorite season. The country life xmas sound more enjoyable than the city life. But some things seem universal like cleaning, painting, mowing the lawn etc. Making sure the place pretty for Xmas. No Christmas goat though. One thing I miss for sure is being able to eat all the food I used to LOL. A Jamaican xmas time with family would do the spirit good .

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