🖐🏾 Reasons the Crypto Community Should Embrace Souljaboy!

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Whether we like it or not Crypto is going mainstream, and along with that is going to come some new mainstream characters.

One of the newer and more controversial people to come into crypto is Souljaboy!

I'm pretty excited about seeing him openly talking about his crypto experience, but others in the space don't seem to like it as much. I'm not the biggest Soulja boy fan in the world or anything, but it just sucks to see big-time crypto influencers hating on him this early into his journey.

I'm going to give a few cases of why I think we should embrace Soulja Boy in the crypto community and then share one of the best Soulja Boy interviews that may help you see connect with his human side a little more...

1) He's a Trend Setter

Soulja Boy is a certified, proven, time tested trendsetter.

  • Soulja boy was one of the very first musical artist in history to reach complete mainstream success from the internet, and nowadays that was the standard path of success.

  • NFL fans may remember when almost 90% of Touchdown celebrations was the Soulja boy dance!!!

  • He has one of the most sold ringtones of all time.

  • He was the first to discover a lot of today's mainstream rap artists and he even claims the first that made Drake the biggest HipHop artist in the world...

I could go on but you get the point, he sets trends.

2) He Can Help Crypto Become Popular in the Mainstream Rap Community

Rap is one of the most popular art forms on the planet right now, and hip hop culture is global. Soulja Boy talking about crypto makes it more acceptable for other popular artists to do the same, which should be great for adoption.

Just having popular artists talking about the tech may inspire someone in their fanbase to contribute something of value to one of our communities.

You never know... I just think they'd be more willing to contribute to a welcoming community rather than one that bashes every person that comes through the door.

3) He's Legitimately Interested

Soulja has actually shown enough interest to use the technology. He's taken enough time to figure out what Ethereum is, he's learned about NFTs, and he's creating collectibles on rarible.

I've seen crypto twitter harass other famous people for months who haven't even created a wallet.

4) He be a Good Way to Show Others How to Stay Safe in Crypto

Based on his Twitter activity, you can tell he's new and he's learning. He gets hated on but he's new to crypto and has things to learn.

Showing him how to stay out of scam projects, properly manage his risk, and engage with the community in a positive way will go a lot further than bashing him for making newbie errors.

He can be used to show people "the way"

5) He's Fun!!!

Soulja boy does his antics and things as an entertainer but overall, he's fun! I feel like Soulja boy can bring some different energy that would be nice to have in crypto.

He doesn't seem to do too much mess with the TA and some of the other things. He's a professional entertainer and he's good at it in his own way!

He's got a bad label sometimes, but I think it will be interesting to see how Soulja boy uses the tech over time!

I feel like he's gonna be really great for crypto.

But check out this interview from Soulja Boy to get more on his back story and some of the energy he'll be bringing into the crypto space:


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Based on his Twitter activity, you can tell he's new and he's learning. He gets hated on but he's new to crypto and has things to learn.

I also can see that he is learning crypto faster.

Wouldn’t be nice he find out about HIVE

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I definitely tagged him in this tweet that I posted, hopefully he sees it and starts posting here!

I’d upvote his content

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Yes! I agree, he is good for crypto, I have tried to get the HIVE community to comment on his tweets more because if he were on HIVE, man it would be exciting.

The crypto space can be intimidating to new users, this "how long I've been here before you" vibe really makes it feel like an exclusive club to get into for many and its is a big turn off. I see it time and time again in various groups "newbie", like they know it all.

I for one like that he is so into crypto and of course a part of it me be to tap into a new market for his music but it is good to see more influential people coming into the space, especially from the HipHop world.

Gonna watch that interview later, but I think I've seen it before. Soulja Boy is indeed a trend setter.

Yeah and he’s actually really into gaming and he’s a all around tech guy. Hive would be perfect for him.

And I wouldn’t doubt that he’s connected in someway with someone who could build some really cool stuff on Hive. Just saying

If there's something I'm allergic to is elitists 😒
Crypto communities should be inclusive if we want the communities to grow.

I’m with you. This is something that takes a little bit of time to figure out what you’re doing, bashing people for making mistakes while learning something new is so trash

Yeah, it's bully behavior and that is not welcome. We can't expect people who are new to the scene to know everything and even the people who have been doing this for years are still learning. We should educate those who are interested.