Thirsty: Part One

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I stood at the entryway feeling a bit of unease, and a well dressed gentleman in a black tuxedo took the long black trench coat I was wearing. I swear I heard his indrawn breath when he took the coat from my shoulders. I could feel his eyes eating up the sight of my scantily clad body. It made me feel super sexy and most of all wanted. I haven’t felt like this in a long time. For a married woman, I’ve been sitting on the shelf for way too long. My nipples have not been sucked and my pussy has not seen much more felt a dick in well over 5 years. I love sex. I can go for hours. Having back to back orgasms is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Riding on that rainbow shrouded horizon is beyond what words can explain. I’m horny all the time, my husband, maybe not so much. I think he just stopped trying to please me after years of going the first round and hearing the ‘I want more’, every time and being unable to give me the ‘more’ I needed and it made him sexually intimidated. He was never there physically and when he was, he was mentally absent. I briefly wondered if I made the right decision coming here; but that feeling of doubt was gone the moment I walked over the threshold. There was no turning back. ‘I need to do this,’ I whispered under my breath.

My mask firmly in place, I walked into the dimly lit room feigning confidence. The air was permeated with the sweet scent of some kind of exotic incense. It was like a huge ballroom with chaise lounges, huge beds and a plush mat adorning the floor. Everyone wore masks, even the servers walking with trays of champagne for the guests. It was hard to make out anyone’s features. I was happy about that. I sure didn’t want them to see who I was, or be able to sense my reticence. I needed this. I really needed this. My palms were sweaty as I tried to keep it together, walking further into the den of sweet sin.

I stopped walking, trying to compose myself and gather myself. I’ve never been to an orgy party before, of course these were not very common and were certainly not for the average person. I found the party from an online community for bored housewives that I joined a few months ago. I wouldn’t quite call myself a ‘housewife’ as CEO of one of the top financial institutions in the island; but bored out of my fucking mind I was! My body needed some action. I needed to be touched and not just on the surface but in my deepest secret places. Those spots that could make my body shake and tremble without care. Sometimes I got so frustrated, I snapped at my staff or anybody around me. Sometimes I just wanted to scream my head off at how horny I was and the fact that I couldn’t do anything about it. A deep moan nearby shook me back to the room. It was coming from a black silk masked female spread eagle on a chaise lounge with a black masked man feasting between her legs. ‘Oh my’, I thought. And that was when I really started to take in the scenes around me. My eyes darted around the room and as if hearing for the first time, the room erupted in a cacophony to moans, groans, sighs and even cries which drummed out the notes of Bach that were playing in the background. I could see the silhouette of naked body after naked body wrapped around each other in positions that I didn’t know the names or couldn’t begin to describe.


The masked orgy

“Can I be of service to you tonight madam?” a deep voice whispered in my ear from behind. The voice was so close to my ear I could feel the soft breath against my earlobe. I shivered involuntarily. My body was already wound so tightly with sexual need that just the sight of the silhouette of the bodies was making my heart race, my palms sweat and my poor pussy jump excitedly. I jumped frightened toward the sound of the voice.

It was the tuxedo guy from the door. He had the sexiest smile on his thick dark lips, I felt like the dummy who saw the oasis in the middle of the desert. ‘I want those lips everywhere,’ I thought scandalously. There was something about this room that made me feel so bold and brave. His Versace scent was as designer as the Tuxedo he wore. He was just plain sexy, from his shaved head to his toned visibly toned body and to the tips of his Steve Madden shoes. My hungry brain could only register how delicious he smelled and wondered if he tasted equally delectable.

“That depends on what you’re offering,” I responded, openly staring at his lips.

He smiled. “How bold are you?” He asked as his eyes slowly perused what he could make out of my body. I was wearing a short, black sheer lingerie over matching sheer black thong and of course a matching black mask. My jet black hair hung down my back contrasting with my caramel skin. That left very little to the imagination. My c-cups were straining against the thin fabric begging for some attention. Six inch strap stilettos enhanced by 5 feet 5 inch body and making my legs appear longer. Stilettos always made me feel sexy.

I was taken aback by his question. Was it that obvious that I’ve never been to a ‘party’ like this before? As if reading my thoughts he said, “I can sense your innocence.” He moved close to my ear again.

“You’ve never been to anything like this before”. His voice was such a deep and calming sound it was like an aphrodesiac. “You’re innocence is a turn on. I’m sure as occupied as the other men in here are, they can sense you. You’re like a human walking into a vampire lair. We can smell your fresh never been tasted blood. Your chemosignals are super strong. I can tell you that the further you walk into this den the more suitors will be drawn to you”.

‘Ok. What the fuck? What was he talking about? And why did he sound so cultured and refined in this orgy?’ I thought frantically. He placed his hand on the small of my back and I swear I felt the first contraction of my pussy muscles. I couldn’t speak, my brain was unable to connect my thoughts to words.

“Walk with me, princess” he said as he continued to apply a small amount of pressure to the spot where his hand laid on my back. I started walking. His voice was sorcery. Nobody should sound so sexy. The room was bigger than I thought. As we walked further into the space I could hear the cat calls from men who were not occupied. Men sat on the beds and lounges stroking their cocks and drinking from champagne glasses.

“Psst sexy”

“Come mek me take you to higher heights with da cocky ya.”

“Baby come ride pan da cocky ya nuh. Mi can bet how sweet yu pussy taste.”

I gasped at the blatantness of their lust. “Is this how this works? I just choose anybody?”

“You go where your body leads. You see, sexual attraction should not be taken lightly. It’s as real as the chemicals your body is releasing as we speak.”

Why was he turning me on with his words? My body wanted him. I wish he would move his hand lower and touch my ass, but his hand remained slightly above my crack, driving me crazy.

“I can choose any one? Like I would choose a toy?” I asked him coyly.


“Ok, I choose you.” I said boldly stopping and turning fully to him.

He smiled and looked away a little shocked at my openness. “Ok, I should have explained that you can choose anyone on the beds or lounges. Those of us who are fully dressed are on duty.”

“You said I should go where my body is sending me, and it’s sending me to you.”

“But you haven’t given the other invitees a chance.”

“I know what I want.” I said looking up at him.

“I’m your host tonight, so I’d like to encourage you to try one of the other invitees. I’m also booked with another mistress for the night,” he said gently.

I was disappointed. I can’t say I wasn’t. All my life I’ve been having disappointing sex. I have never before felt this kind of sexual connection to anyone; a complete stranger no less. Did he not find me desirable? Fuck! What was so wrong with me? I couldn’t help the pang of jealousy that hit me for that woman that he was booked to be with.

“You came here to have sex right, princess?” He asked looking down at me from his commanding height.

“Yes, but that doesn’t do it for me. I can’t just walk into a room and start having sex. Yea I can look at a naked body and I know what a man wants to do with me, but that doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know what you just did, but I’m horny as fuck just listening to you! And why the fuck do you know so much about these things?!” I think I was getting a bit flustered in my overly horny state.

“Oh, you’re a sapiosexual. Interesting. I’m Dr. Neil, at your service,” he took my hand and brought it to his lips in the most tender kiss; and now I was certain this man made me wet my panties. It could have been because of my state of mind, or the fact that no man has ever done this to me before, but either way my underwear was definitely wet. His name didn’t ring a bell but his entire aura was causing all kinds of sirens in to go off in different parts of my body.

He was clearly rejecting my forwardness, the same fucking thing that got me in this sexual rut in the first place. Always expressing what I wanted was not appreciated by my husband and he certainly didn’t either. I knew what I needed out of sex, and the dissatisfaction was not going to cut it for me tonight. I was tired of subpar and mediocre. I needed soaring above the clouds tonight. I just needed a good fuck. Maybe I made a mistake in coming here tonight.

“Ok, maybe I made a mistake in coming here. I should leave,” I said quickly drawing my hand from his. “It was nice meeting you.” I murmured a bit embarrassed.

“Come here”, It was a soft command. He pulled me back to him with just enough force that my body was now touching his and he was breathing in my ear again. “Do you think it’s that I don’t want to be all over your sweet caramel body, princess?”

“What is it then?” I asked softly with just a hint of venom at his rejection. I was looking up into eyes that I couldn’t see. My legs were spread, and the entire length of my body was touching his. Even through his perfectly tailored tux I could feel the sinews of his muscles.

He clenched his jaw, and drew in a long deep breath. “Princess... “ he started to explain then he stopped himself, “oh fuck it!” He breathed harshly and his head swooped down and his lips claimed mine unexpectedly. At first I didn’t respond because I was in shock. I’m certain he had just rejected my forwardness, so my mind could not reconcile the fact that he was actually kissing me. His mouth covered mine and he sucked at both my lips simultaneously. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth granting his tongue access to rendezvous with mine. “Oh fuck, your lips taste as sweet as the dew from a rose mixed with the taste of ripened berries. Why did you have to taste so good?!” He was speaking against my lips but his tongue did not miss a beat. What sorcery?! His large hands held my small waist and slowly went lower to cup the mounds of my butt cheeks and he moaned with pleasure.

He immediately moved his hands and brought them to my face. His long fingers cupping my cheeks, his thumb caressing the side of my face. With his head on my forehead he said, “You taste and smell so fucking good!” It was just a whisper. “I’m really not supposed to be touching you. As the host, I don’t usually partake like this. My duty is to make sure my guests are comfortable and accommodated. By touching you right now, I am breaking the ultimate rule. I don’t know what it is about you, but you walked in here with that sexy confidence demanding what you want and disrupting my order,” his lips moved down my neck and started placing tiny bites. I felt like I was under a soul trapping spell I couldn’t move or think beyond the throbbing of my pussy; I was unaware of time and place. All my inhibitions were out the door, leaving me with a heightened sense of touch, olfaction and auditory perception.

“You haven’t been touched in a while have you?” His lips were back at my ear, his tongue outlining the lobe. I stiffened at that sore spot. How the fuck could he know that?


“Princess, I am aroused by you, I can smell the morphinos of your arousal and it’s overpowering.”

“What makes you such an expert on my body?” I took a step back from him. He was touching a nerve. If my arousal was so overpowering why could he sense it, but my own husband couldn’t?

“Are you denying how turned on you are?” He folded him arms across his large chest. I wish I could see his face. “I haven’t even started touching you and I can feel your shudder. It says your anticipation is high. You want it badly. I can’t see your eyes, but I know your pupils are dilated. I can hear how shallow your breathing is. I know your nipples are rock hard begging to be kissed.” At this, he used his index finger and flicked my right nipple through the sheer of my lingerie and an electric charge ran directly my pussy. My breathing got heavier and again, I was at a loss for words; I just wanted to feel.

“That’s rubbish,” I tried brushing him off.

“Ok then why are you here?” He looked down and his eyes landed on my princess-cut diamond wedding ring. “Let me guess, busy husband? Why would he allow you to come to something like this? If you were my woman there is no way I would let you near a party like this? Does he not see how sexy and desirable you are? Or is it that he doesn’t know how to satisfy your needs?” He taunted me.

“The irony of your statement is not lost on me,” I said. Steeling myself against the delicious sensations he was eliciting, I looked blankly into his masked face. “Aren’t you the perfect hypocrite. You have these parties where people can wallow in the sin in which you also part take, but you wouldn’t allow your woman to attend.”

“Sin?” He asked laughing quietly. I couldn’t stop staring at his lips! “You call this sin? Sex is a beautiful thing created by God and meant to be enjoyed by all. There is absolutely nothing sinful about the pleasures that can be experienced with the right hands, lips, tongue and dick,” his lips covered mine again, his hands clutching my ass pulling my body into his. He sucked on my lips with such force, I was sure they would be swollen when he was finished with them. My knees felt so weak, I had to clutch at the front of his jacket as he bit and soothed my lips simultaneously. The evidence of his arousal was pressed to my belly making me mould my body more closely to his.

“Is this sinful, princess?” He whispered, his lips not missing a beat. I was helpless. “I want to bury myself inside you so deep your only cohesive thought will be the sinful pleasure my dick is giving you.” His voice was deep and raspy. A moan escaped my lips so deep I didn’t recognize my own voice. His tongue dove into my mouth and took charge of my tongue leading it in a game of mouth twister. I could feel myself being backed into a corner, but I was helpless to stop what was happening. He didn’t release my lips until my back was against a wall. He placed one of his hands above my head, his forehead close to mine.

“Feel what you’re doing to me, princess,” he grabbed my hand with his free hand and placed it over his throbbing dick. I tried to move my hand but he held it in place. “Who the fuck are you? And why are you at my party disrupting my flow?” He spoke through clenched teeth looking down at me.

“I am here to fuck and have a good time like everybody else.” My answer was a breath sound. I could barely get the words out. Was this what I really wanted? My body was screaming yes, but my mind was asking what the fuck are you doing in a place like this?! You don’t belong here! Look around you! He felt so good in my hand and against my body, but...I was losing my composure and really second guessing my decision to be there.

As if reading my mind, he grabbed both of my hands and pinned them to the wall above my head and captured my lips again, gently biting my already swollen lips and soothing them with his hot tongue. I have never been kissed like this in all my life. His free hand gentle caressed the side of my face and down to neck, and even farther down cupping my breasts. He tweaked the turgid nipple and I groaned as the current shot to my groin.

“Are you sure? Somehow you don’t seem so sure,” his lips trailed tiny kisses and bites down my neck. He stopped at the nipple his fingers were assaulting. I wanted him to take it in his mouth. I was silently begging him but instead he said, “Wearing your conscience on your finger isn’t going to change what your body is feeling and what it needs,” I immediately stiffened at his reference to my marital status again and I remembered I was still wearing my ring. I had forgotten to remove it in the car as planned. I became self-conscious and would have hidden it were my hands not trapped in his.

“I’m sure I’m not the only married person in here! Stop fucking chastising me for it!” I said heatedly. I dragged my hands from his grasp and tried to duck under his large arms but he blocked me.

“Is it me chastising you, or it that your conscience?” He was equally heated. “People who are serious about getting fucked come to my parties! Not bored housewives who have nothing better to do with their time than come out for a piece of juicy gossip!”

“Fuck you!” I said through clenched teeth. I was getting angry. Angry and horny was not a combination I was accustomed to. I don’t know what made me more angry, his reference to me as a busybody housewife or his rejection in my state of mind numbing arousal.

“If you’re bold enough to fuck me, I would have you screaming louder than anybody else in this raas room. Then you can run home to your little house on the prairie and gossip about that to your friends.” He twisted the insult and threw it back at me. “Princess, I would suggest you run home to your husband, this party is not for you.”

This raashole man was taunting me. He did it with such calm composure you would think he was discussing stocks and bonds. I, on the other hand was getting flustered and agitated because he knew what I needed. He said it himself, he seemed like he knew my body better than I did; but for some reason my being married was an issue. I wanted to cum. I wanted it so bad. I haven’t had an orgasm in years. My vibrator was shit, it did nothing for me. My body needed fucking release! And of all the men at that party I had to be attracted to the asshole!

“You’re a real raasclaat asshole!” I pushed at his chest to move pass him but he didn’t budge.

“Oh you have no idea how much of an asshole I can be. I’m trying to figure out why you’re here, you should be home snuggled up with your husband. You’re married and I don’t knowingly mess with married women. I know you’re eager to be touched, your arousal is palpable! But why? Why isn’t he touching you?”

“Why are you accosting me?! I know I can’t be the only married woman here. This is a party! And I thought this was supposed to be a discreet party!”

“Yes and discreet doesn’t equate to your conscience on your fucking left hand!” Woah he was peeved.

My frustration spilled over into full blown rage as I flashed pass him collected my coat and walked out. I didn’t feel the embarrassment until I sat in my car in the parking lot. What was wrong with me? Tears pooled in my eyes but I refused to allow them to roll down my face. I was horny as fuck and he rejected me! I didn’t belong at a party like that anyway. Nobody understood the burden of loving something so much, needing it and not being able to get it. 5 Years is a mighty long time to go without the pleasures of my flesh.

I drove home, hoping Kevin my husband would not be home yet but when. My white. Mercedes pulled into the driveway I could see his great BMWX6. Church much have ended earlier than usual tonight. Now I’m going to have to listen to all the “hello” messages from the church members. I really didn't want to talk to right now, hopefully I could slip quickly to my bedroom without him realizing.

“Goodnight Tia. You were out late.” Kevin said, as I was quietly making my way upstairs our two-story house.

“Yes, I had a long day,” I responded without looking at him and continued up the stairs. Luckily for me I dodged the questions and the ‘everybody was asking for you at church tonight’ conversation. As the First Lady of the Emanuel Truth Gospel Hall I was always expected to be seen at every gathering all bright-eyed and bushy tailed with my fake smile fully in tact...


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I appreciate this so much!!! Thank you! Thank you!❤️

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What a tug of war arousal. Gyal dem always want what they can’t have 😆. Spicy 🌶 start.

@dmillz you nu see pastor wife a buss out like a big buss weh beigey kite!👀

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Dah part deh never surprise me 😂

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