Ackee & Salt-Fish Spring Roll style

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I've been wanting to try this combination for quite some time and I finally got around to doing it. It contains Ackee & Salt-fish; the national dish of Jamaica, done in an asian spring roll style. It takes some effort but the end result is worth it.

Luckily I got a few tins of Ackee in a care package from the UK, nope not Jamaica as the logistic is still messed up. Moons ago I was the one to call when one wanted Ackee in Japan, but with the current logistics mess, it wouldn't be profitable to bring them in and the cost to customers would be beyond outrageous..but I digress. Let us dive into this early #DashOutSunday

Ackee Spring Roll

So here is what I used to make this international combo:

  • 1 tin of Ackee
  • 150- 200 grams of Salt-fish
  • 3 Garlic cloves
  • 1 Green pepper
  • 1 Sweet pepper
  • 1/2 large tomatoe
  • Some Scallions
  • Thyme ( Not in the pic)
  • Some black pepper ( not in the pic)
  • Spring Roll Sheets ( Not in the pic)


Below are the two main ingredients that you cannot do without.


After chopping up the veggies and de-salting the salt-fish, I laid them out so I would be ready to fire. The salt-fish takes a little work as it has to be boiled and then flaked and if still too salty, drained a few times with cold water. This is the step you have to be careful at as salt-fish varies from country and region. You might get fish that is too salty or tasteless.


Flaked Salt-fishChopped TomatoeSeasoning Veggies sliced/chopped

The first thing I did was added the garlic, onions and peppers to the fry pan with olive oil.

  • Ackee and tomatoes go in last after the above is cooked.


I grouped it up into a kind of ball for presentation.

Here is the Ackee added ...oh the tomatoes, threw those in after


Time to Roll

The rolling is a delicate process as well. It is best to wet a little flour in a small bowl and use as a kind of glue around the edges to hold it together when wrapping.
Spread the wrapFill itRoll it, use wet flour to hold it together
Frying the rolls is quick as the sheets are thin, so it is best to watch them and turn as they get brown and get them out quickly. The amount of oil makes a difference too. The first batch came out great as there was sufficient all ( left photo, spring rolls at the top). The second batch was fried with the left over oil in the fry pan and turned out not looking as scrumptious.
All Rolled UpAll Fried Up

The finished product

And here we have the Ackee & Salt-fish Spring Roll. It was good, still have a few left as I type this....well one.. I only have one left.😂

Things to improve

  • The salt-fish did not need as much de-salting.
  • The spring Rolls should have been cut diagonally for presentation.
  • Pour on the oil on the second batch.

All in all I enjoyed making these. I have been out of the kitchen for a long time and this is a good way to make a come back. I hope your weekend cookings went well. And now, time for a drink .

Cheers 🍻


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You are a real culinary specialist! It looks very tasty and aesthetically pleasing. I am glad that the strong earthquake did not harm you and your family. Blessed day to you! !WINE

 13 days ago 

When that earthquake happened I poured another glass of wine. We are too used to them here 😂 a good and a bad thing. Thanks man!

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I like how you rolled it. It would take more of the roll sheets but the content wont fall out.

Looks amazing

 13 days ago 

Shhhh it was actually my wife who rolled em hehehe. I don’t have the patients.

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I won't tell anyone😁😁

Still haven't found Ackee here, but looking at your dish only increases my curiosity to its taste. De-salting fish can be tricky and ruin a meal, better overdo it then under. xD

 13 days ago 

You would think the tree would be around somewhere since it’s the same Caribbean but who knows.

You know I think for the rolls more salt is better it. Gonna try less de-salted next time. ( whenever that will be).

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Once I find one, I'll be sure to plant one in my own yard and one at my parents.

Love the ackee!😀 Oh much do i miss them!!!
Not the salt-fish though..😜
You know Chronixx lyrics from "Captured Land" (i think)...where he says that
Norwegians brought salt fish to Jamaica..."that can't be my national dish"...
"Don't give me ackee & salt fish, gimmie ackee & garlic.."😅
The Spring Roll Twist is a nice idea!
Bless Up Bredda!

 11 days ago 

I remember that tune yes. Me a guh try without the salt-fish cause to tell the truth is the most troublesome part of the entire process. But bwoi it really give it a good taste 😆 see...ital is not only's also easier..😅
Star, first time i am selling some Jahm on the Hive Engine. If di
Jahm is sold (on the engine) i should see the Hives coming in ,in the peakD wallet, right?

Yow king 👑. Yu taking orders? Dem rolls do look good bro. Pictures poppin an all

 13 days ago 

Hahah dem yah tek too much effort to mek.

You know I didn't even bother get out the camera 📷. Just regular phone with the right angles. Respect ✊🏿

Gwaan Do Yu ting king. Dats why Yu a di boss.

Yow!!!! Mi need a tin a ackee like yesterday - dis sell off! Guh tru master 👨🏾‍🍳!

 11 days ago 

A long time me wah try this yuh see, bout over a year to rahtid.

Mi know how di ting set - nutten nuh happen before the time though

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