Anything For Warmth In The Winter

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The winter has cometh. The top of the mountain is looking a little frosty baby and the winter clothing has found its way to the front of the wardrobe. I can't say I have gotten used to this but I have learnt to adopt to the seasons. The thing that really gets me is the frost on the windshield in the mornings. But nothing a splash of warm water won't fix. Hmm, maybe that isn't the best approach, but I have been doing it for years 😆. I seriously can't imagine living in Canada or Russia where the snow seems to come in avalanches.

I took these photos on a trip to Nikko over the weekend. I had to walk a distance away from our party/crew as the mountain was visible but light pole wires don't make for a good shot. Then I found this shop that had the mountains behind it clearly in the background. Here is the frosty mountain range a bit closer up.


When the winter comes, people will do anything to keep warm. Especially those from warmer countries. Hot carpets, gas heaters, AC on heat, electric blankets and 5 layers of clothes ( who does that). I thought this song was an ironic add to this #APART post. The name of the main artiste is Snow and the title of the song is "Anything". This is actually a very big song in the Dancehall space that many people know. It is not often a Caucasian ( feels strange using that word) comes around and buss the dance, well, in those days.



Click the banner to learn more about #APART. It is quite a simple challenge. Post an original picture and link to a reggae song. The picture should have some connection to the Reggae song in someway, anyway. The only limit is your imagination.😉
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yup splash of water.. one mug for coffee and one for water lol

That's right! Just make sure to splash on the right one 😂

I seriously can't imagine living in Canada or Russia where the snow seems to come in avalanches.

Haha, me neither. Saw a video of someone throwing a bucket of cooking water out the window in Siberia and you see the water becoming snow when falling down 🙈.

Nadine...! 😁 This tune definitely brings back nostalgic vibes 💃.

My friend in Canada that drives trucks literally quit his job for the winter because of the "avalanches" LOL

Oh damn... I can imagine... 🙈😂


You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Those winter gotta tell all Jamaicans about,who complain about the sun being too hot...😅. Appreciate tropical weather/warmth...

Jamaicans gonna complain regardless 🤣

Yesir, they like 2 sun out!..😅 A Taxi driver once said...