Guidance & Protection - 100 HBD Album Art Contest ( Ends August 3rd )

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Guidance & Protection: Album art contest

Greetings Graphic Designers. I am looking for someone who will be my go to album art designer. So to find this person, I am running a contest to create the album art for an EP I will release soon. Here are the details of the project.

Project details

Artiste Name: DMilliz
Album Name: Guidance & Protection


  • 3000 x 3000 pixels maximum; 1400 x 1400 pixels minimum
  • PNG or JPEG
  • 72 - 300dpi (300dpi is the best)
  • Less than 25mb
  • RGB color scheme (not CMYK)


What I’m looking for

I want something eye-catching, that represents the times we are in, the blockchain and other technology as well as nature, especially space/ solar system/ universe and the creator ( God, the universe, anything you want to call HIM/ HER). The album art can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. It is open to your creativity. Below is the lead song from the EP, titled Everyday. This will give you a glimpse into the type of music I create and vibe I am going for. Note, this is a demo version of the song and the mixed and mastered is sounding waaay better, but hopefully you can envision that.

3Speak Link to the lead single demo version


contest details


  • The contest will run for 2 weeks ( August 3rd Wednesday Japan Time)
  • The first prize is 100 HBD
  • Second place prize 60 HIVE
  • Third place prize 40 HIVE

Of course the best thing to do, as all graphic designers know on HIVE is to make a post about the creation process in order to make the most from your creativity. But that is up to you. You can post in any community you feel like if you do make a post, but please use the #jahm so it goes to the reggaejahm interface. Drop links to your post or finished design in the comments below.

I am looking to build a long term business relationship with the winning graphic designer and other contestants. A key part of the music distribution is the cover art and I am looking for someone I can depend on. Good luck everyone and thank you for your time and effort.

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This is a joint work, mine and my dad. His photo archive allowed me to do things that I cannot see. King David danced when he was filled with the Holy Spirit and was always filled with it, was under his protection and guidance.



Very colorful. Thanks to you and your dad for the entry.

I see you're bored here lol.

I'll add some coal to the firebox of the locomotive.

Not everything that seems to us a defense is such, on the contrary, it can captivate us, make us defenseless and limited in our own choice, this is the main idea of this poster.


Hahaha, this ain't bad. I like the concept. Still about 2 days left, let’s see if anyone else stops by.

I'm trying to fan the fire in their hearts and creativity lol.

Wazaaap bredda check out these designs

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Whats good fam? you might like this one. let me know i can make some more edit.


Digging the Ai concept and the stars 🌟. Thanks for the entry man.

Let this be an incentive for those who want to win this contest lol.
My friend, I did not reinvent the wheel, I already had everything ready, in advance. I am not a candidate for an award, since I use a free editor, the only thing that can pull my computer, but the main thing is not to win, but to participate in the competition)
3000 x 3000 pixels


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Hey, thanks for kicking off the party. I appreciate the gesture and I do remember this design 😀. The JAHM on the moon series of art.

Quite right), we do some things, but we don’t know that they potentially have other uses).

Looking forward to that EP, Bredda!💪 🇯🇲
"Hold On" pon it?

Hold on gonna be an independent single so it easier for us to distribute as the Ep will go the cd baby route and NFT.

Ok, cool, so i will upload "Hold On" to Distrokid & do the split there, like we did "Bitcoin Times"?

Give me a little time to announce. I have come down covid. The 100 HBD is transferring from savings and I will announce the winners in 3 days.

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 6.12.45 PM.png

Hihi captain

Goodluck everone

Get well, everything else can wait, health comes first.

Get well soon bredda. Bless up

all good my friend, get well soon!

Alright guys thanks for the patience! I’m almost recovered. I wish Covid up on now one 😂! So here goes.

  • In first place 🥇 @lucimorningstar, wins 100 HBD. I’d like some changes made. Where can I contact you ? Or should we just discuss here?


  • Second place 🥈@mistakili wins 60 HIVE , for this well put together collage of images.


  • In third place @roninrelax wins 40 HIVE with his outer space musical creativeness.


Big ups to all the contestants for your effort.

@dmilliz yo thank you for the reward! you can message me on discord MeBu#4433 or maybe we can get in touch in Jahm discord channel

👊👊🤝👏🫶🏼Thanks a bunch bro
Feel free to holla at me for album art designs.

Nice to see you’re kicking COVID’s ass

Thanks lol, I breathed a sigh of relief) I'm glad you're recovering.

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I hope you find someone great 😎 !LOLZ

Awesome idea √

I was once accused of having a foot fetish.
But that’s a lie. I much prefer the Metric system.

Credit: reddit
@dmilliz, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @andy4475
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I hope so too bro! !WINE

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