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The time of year when my content consistency goes to shiznit is here. I’m typing this post waiting for clients to show up. But what better way to make the best of the time than to post to HIVE!

Over the weekend the family and I stopped by a Jazz concert/ marche. I always look forward to these events as there is live music and a variety of food stalls. But my kids…. Not so much. We had a big fuss getting one of my twins to get out of the car when we arrived. He was literally on the verge of crying.

So I did what any normal dad would do, I bought him ice-cream. Then he got in the vibe and we all started playing silly games ( well mainly me lifting up my kids and hanging them upside down and holding them by their ankles so they could walk on their hands. Yeah I think I’m getting better at this dad thing. In the past I would have gotten angry and told him to fk off but in Jamaican patois.


In the pic above I was trying to get a picture with the boys, as you can see the reluctancy is brutal. The youngest will pose for a snap now and then but with the twins, every request has become a transaction. “If we take this pic you gonna buy me cola?”.
Below is my youngest enjoying a gelato, if you look closely you can see one of the twins hiding in the background.


It was a short outing with the family but it turned out to be good with the boys actually saying they enjoyed themselves. Well it’s time to get back to work and then go do some tug of war training for a tournament on Saturday. ( what have I gotten myself into). It’s good exercise though, that’s how I gotta look at it.

Until next time!
Bless up!


I do love a Live Music Festival especially if the weather is good.😁
I'm sure that the kids had a great time since ice cream was involved.

I haven't seen such clear skies in ages, because it's all dull and gloom here.

It's good that you do catch up on Hive whenever you get the chance:)

Trust me! Especially when it's free and good food is around.

Interestingly one of the twins didn't even want the ice-cream, which I see as a sign of maturity:)

I really can't imagine the UK gloomy weather, whenever it gets cloudy here people's moods seem to follow. If that's the case in the UK........

Yeah and once you make that one come back post you realize how much you missed writing, the comments and the community, the votes ... HIVE

Haha! You can't please British people with the weather. As the sun is out, everyone complains that it's too hot. Cold, they complain, rain... all year complaining 😆

Yeah, you'll get back into the swing of things soon, and yes, I do miss the interaction with people the most, whenever I'm not active:)

That reminds me of the Japanese as well. In summer "Atsui desu ne"
Winter "Sanji desu ne

Thanks for the warm welcome and inspiration!
Bless up!

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Thanks for the curation 😉

Lol! It's good to be a cool dad, kids love you better that way. You are really good dad, I can see the vibes you are having with your kids.

Hahaha give thanks! I think I've come a long way. Always something to learn about one’s self and the kids. Yay I’m a cool dad 😆

The short outing turned out to be an amazing one
That's actually cool
I wish you more of beautiful moments like this

Thanks dear, even though we literally have to fight for it. That "not wanting to hangout with parents" vibe is starting a little too fast.

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