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Can't go wrong with some curry and ginger. It has been a while since I made my favorite dish " curry chicken" I shall flex the kitchen muscle this weekend.

Interesting, I have never tried to make a salad dressing, sounds complicated 😄.

I shall listen to the tune at the appropriate time and be back.


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Hi @milliz
The truth is that I enjoyed every party dancing salsa and merengue, it wasn't bad at all
I agree, there's no way that meat or chicken can look bad using curry and ginger. I remember that a few months ago you made a post of your chicken curry preparation, it was good, because it showed me how to make it from a native of Jamaica.
The dressing is not difficult, but it has its importance.

Just listen to the song tanks to your comment which served as a reminder. Good lyrics " trust and you will see, tranquility". You always finds songs Pigu of my radar. Respect ✊🏿