Spare Rib Stew #DashOutSunday

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Yes!!! Happy Sunday! My first cooking for the year! I haven’t cooked in months but after this, I think I’m gonna try to cook at least every other Saturday. ( Wish me luck 😆)

Furusato Nozei

Tax back for paying taxes in another prefecture and you also receive a gift

I recently found out about this, so I gifted a neighboring prefecture some money to pay their taxes and received some pork as a gift. Not just any pork but premium stuff.( yeah if you don’t eat pork, no need to say so below and bun me out 🔥 ). Now, when tax season comes, I can minus that “tax gift” from the year’s tax. So it’s better than actually paying the taxes directly as you actually get something in return ( you get something directly that is, taxes do a lot for you, more than we realize.)


Yes it looks gross to some, it seems wrong, but hey, this is one of the premium meat packs..



Lets dive into that #DashOutSunday!

Spare Rib Stew, How I Do!
1.First I added some black pepper and a little salt.2.Then I added some oyster sauce and a little soy sauce.3.Next some chopped onions and a little thyme 🧅.

No fresh garlic or ginger, so I worked with the tubes, 100% though.


I also added a little walkerswood Jerk Seasoning to spice it up


  • After all the seasoning ( rubbing it in), I put some of the tube garlic in a fry pan, with olive oil, and fried/ locked in some of the taste.

  • While the “lock in” was going on I made a soup from the onions left in the seasoning bowl. It contained a little ketch up, sugar, soy sauce, thyme, black pepper.

  • After the taste was locked in I added the soup/gravy, and put it on low heat to simmer for about 40 minutes.

The pre Simmer


The After Simmer


The Dash Out


It was good. The entire fam liked it. Though the prestation doesn’t look 100, it’s the taste that counts and that was on point😋.

Enjoy the week folks. Keep it positive and bring the Irie vibes.


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now thats just teasing! All the best food from al the J's Japan and Jamaica! To the world!!!!!!

 14 days ago 

😂 I didn't even realize that! The best of both world! Get some Adobu to cheer you up 😬

That looks a lot like a korean dish called galbi jjim.

 14 days ago (edited)

Holly crap it does! I've been in asia too long 😟!

Galbi jjim looks good, I gotta see recipe and blend with mine.

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Man I'm hungry and I should be asleep at the moment 😅
Your dish isn't helping hihi

I only miss a bit of green in your dish, but I get it if you don't have that at home 😅


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Yes, I wanted more greens as well but nothing in the fridge but green peppers.😄 Someone couldn't be bothered to go shopping, ( yeah, I should blame myself but nah)

Whahahaaa sounds so familiar 😂🤣
Since we're at home, I don't like going out of the house just for groceries. Although, even when I had to go out to work I didn't like stopping en route. It was from home to office and from office to home. It seldom happened that I stopped at the supermarket

Well the man went hard!! Season well propa and must be good. Think I’m going to try you choice of seasonings and method on some chicken or fish - should come out 👍🏾

 12 days ago 

It taste good u see, oyster sauce is one of my favorite things to use. If I had a pressure cooker I woulda steam it down till all the bone coulda eat 😁

😆 at one point I had two pressure cookers. Good like gold.

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Those pork bones must've made this taste wicked good.
I don't if I could survive without fresh garlic though. We throw that in almost everything in our household. xD