The early bird gets the pasta 🍝 #DashOutSunday + New Music

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Happy freaking Sunday! How’s the weekend so far?

Last night the wives made plans for us to have Sunday lunch at one of the hottest spots in town called DaiDai. This meant we had to go there from 11:00 AM to ensure we got in.

I’m boring when it comes to pasta, I always get the same thing, montemere aka the seafood pasta. I don’t really like the tomato based pastas but I’ll eat it, a salmon cream sometimes hits the spot too.


The lunch sets came with a salad and a drink, something like this will run you around $10+. That’s the average price for restaurant pasta here. As usual it was a loud lunch, the kids were talking loud and screaming all excited, the toddler tried to go explore the restaurant a couple times too. Kids will be kids though, give thanks for the fam time!

I actually had black coffee but the cafe lette makes for a better picture mi thinks.

After that it was park time to get some vitamin D and movement going. Well the kids and I got to moving playing soccer and tag, while these two lounged around like two sea lions 🦭.



After the park we went home where WAR broke out over ice-cream and who ate one already last night! πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ. Before I got angry 😀 I just took myself away and went to go run some errons.

Now I’m getting my car oil changed at a popular car shop called yellow hat. I’m still looking for the dancing girls in yellow hats, wearing blue jeans like in the Tv commercial. I should sue them for false advertisingπŸ˜‚

And now it’s time for....


*New Music DashOut 🎢 *

For the music dash out here are three different types of dancehall tracks. All brand new!


  • The pop

This is as Poppy as it gets, Kriss Kross Amsterdam ft Shaggy. This is the type of song the DJ plays that just sounds familiar to the party people and has a party vibe to get drunk too. Hopefully at the end of the night your dreams come true when vibing to this one.



  • The Hardcore
    STYLO G teams with Busta on a track called Outta Space.

It’s the usual hardcore themes on an infectious Riddim. The Riddim is cool and I think some crypto heads will like the outta space theme to it. I know I did!


  • The Conscious
    BlVCK H3RO drops a video for his song called It nuh easy, speaking on the hardships of life and the everyday struggle of the youths especially in these times. I feel Blavk Hero is one to watch out for in 2021.



Respect & have a blessed weekπŸ‘
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Β 11 days agoΒ (edited)

Nice post & selection, Bredda!
I'm happy that your Japanese sea food don't got 3 eyes πŸ˜…,
the ice coffee looks good.πŸ˜‹ 1 vegan please.
Kriss Kross Amsterdam!? 🀣 Who are dem Backstreet Boys there?
And where did they "steal" the Chorus from? Man know this...
The Busta & Stylo G is maad! Love it.
"It nuh easy" is also a nice conscious tune.
I finally sent di "Plandemic Reggae" to mastering...

Β 11 days agoΒ 

HAhahaha. Good one bredda. they probably took them out. The Fukushima fisher ,an dem a bun out the the sea dump to be. Japan ina a world of mix up!

Yo, I don't know where them boys come from, but this is the type of music that the Friday night party party kinda crowd want to hear, though thy can't really party now.

Yeah man, STylo & Busta, good collab dat.

Black Hero gonna HUGE, yuh fi try get him on a riddim.

Cool nuh! Drop Tune!

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Do you know Black Hero ?
What about the video production people from Jamrock?
If you still got di connection, i would like to see something...

Β 9 days agoΒ 

You know he promotes himself. Sent him a message and said it would t be hard to collab, just gotta email him to work out the terms and make sure there is a budget for a video and promotion. The video dudes, the thing is, the person I know just have the contacts to the right people to put a video together. So it hard to pinpoint one video.

Ok,cool, thanks...keep an eye open, so we can see what kinda
video they are capable of creating.

...but this is the type of music that the Friday night party party kinda crowd want to hear...
That's the commercial crowd, you play that for "the streets", you might get beat up..πŸ˜†
You ever heard about the DJ (can't remember who), who shoot a guy in his foot, because he requested Sting...🀣

Β 9 days agoΒ 

I heard that story , wasn't even sure if it did real! But here in Japan , the Brazilians would love this song and the peru massive too πŸ˜‚

Yesir, it really depends on di crowd!πŸ˜…

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The funny thing is that I just learned noodle plating from pictures on the internet. :)

Have a great Sunday!

Β 11 days agoΒ (edited)

Noodle planting ? In a plate? LOL!

Happy Sunday to you too!

Oh, I just realized you said plating. So a way to place the noodles to take good pics.

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Hadn't heard any of these tunes, but this pandemic and mess abroad has us kind of disconnected for a couple of years. BlVCK H3RO has a Chronixx type vibe with a hint of Gyptian, surely that will be a combo for career success.

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Β 11 days agoΒ 

All brand brand new! I realize that is my type a music content. Focusing on the brand new as it come natural. Fi realize, as u say it I see the similarities with Chronixx and Gyptian. Knew he sounded familiar but couldn't put my ear on it.

Love your Foodie post!

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Β 11 days agoΒ 

Thats a million for your support:)

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Lovely man. Nice family time. You know I don’t really fancy tomato sauce pasta either. No really dig it. Is who eat too much ice cream the night before? Yu sure a nuh you? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Β 10 days agoΒ (edited)

Girl me a tell you! Not even banana me can eat in peace πŸ˜‚, much less ice cream, when dem ting deh reach me yard me just haffi know , none a nuh mine πŸ˜‚! I was ready to eat one of the Hersey ice cream bars and then them a talk bout who eat yesterday and who have lef, me just put down mine. Not even member which one, just know seh both a dem think them right.

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Dis funny bad. I can so relate. Di funny part is that Yu tek it up and den put it down. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My boys always a count and a ask, β€œHow much Yu eat already?” Sometimes mi haffi seh, β€œJust eat nuh man!” Cyaa tek di counting ting. But now I have to make sure that when I serve, they have equal amounts. Haffi all Mek sure seh nuh slice a nothing nuh bigger than di other. Mi affi serve, count and measure. It nuh normal.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Definitely the food looks very good, provocative. I haven't eaten anything like it in a long time. I think I might make something up.
It was a busy day for you, from what I see.

Β 10 days agoΒ 

Try it out at home, it is very easy to cook. Just need that frozen seafood mix.
Yeah bro, but as my wife said, this won't be forever so might as well enjoy the moment.

Yu seafood pasta a seh one mi bredda.

Β 10 days agoΒ 

Mi a tell u! Love da pasta yah

Yu neva ask di chef how him mek it bredda?

Nice picture πŸ‘β€οΈ

Β 11 days agoΒ 

Respect man! Have to catch the eyes hahaha! Have a blessed day!

Posted via ReggaeJahm | Reggae Culture Rewarded

That pasta 🀀

Β 11 days agoΒ 

It was so good:)

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