DashOutSunday- Jamaican Curry Chicken and Rice and Peas

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Hi hivers and fellow ReggaeJahmmers.
How are you?
This week I’m dashing out some
Jamaican curry chicken, rice and peas, tossed vegetable salad and pineapple drink that my family and I recently had. I hadn’t prepared it in a while and so I was excited to give huzzy and the kids a taste of “home”.

Jamaican Curry Chicken


To prepare it, I washed the chicken with vinegar and cut it into small pieces. I added grated onion and garlic, salt and all spice (pimento) to taste. Pimento is one of my favorites. It’s a vital ingredient for Jamaican Jerk chicken but that’s for another time. 😀
I then added a small amount of oil to the pan, added a spoon of curry powder, browned it a bit and quickly added and sautéed the pieces of chicken ensuring that they were all coated with the curry. I then added a bit of water and coconut milk, lowered the flame and soon after that, it was ready. Sometimes I add cubes of carrot 🥕 to make it more colorful.




There are many kinds of curries but when preparing this Jamaican dish, I must use “Betapac Curry”. I’m
not advertising here but really love the flavor it adds to the dish. Since I was introduced to it, I’ve used no other. I went to a friend’s house to help prepare some Jamaican foods and I carried my own curry. Lol!
This too, I would say is a vital ingredient but others may differ. Lol!


Rice and Peas

Growing up in Jamaica, Rice and Peas was a sure thing for dinner on Sunday.
Now, I hardly make it because my kids aren’t excited about it. Lol! One recently started eating it and the other is very reluctant to. Huzzy and I however, really enjoy it.
This particular time, I prepared just a bit of it.

  1. Wash the rice and place it in the rice cooker.
  2. Added cooked red kidney beans(your preferred amount)
  3. Add coconut milk, salt, a bit of grated onion and garlic to taste.
  4. When it’s cooked, stir it to make sure the peas are fairly evenly distributed.



Tossed Salad 🥗

Huzzy @bearmol made this wonderful tossed salad and we paired it with roasted sesame dressing. Back in Jamaica, we’d often have it with thousand island dressing. He prepared it by :
1.Washing the carrot, cabbage and cucumber.
2.Peeling the carrot and then grating it.
3.Threading the cabbage
4.Cutting thin slices of cucumber
5.Mixing all the ingredients together and then add the dressing.


Pineapple Juice (from Peel)

Interestingly, when my kids were younger, they hated pineapples. They wouldn’t eat it. Now at eleven and eight, they love every bit of the pineapple. They love the fruit, the drink we make from the peel and they’ve tried growing pineapple from the crown. I think we might need a pineapple farm. When we buy pineapples, we wash them thoroughly, peel them, eat the fruit and freeze the peel. When we have enough peels, we make a drink. This particular time, we used the peels from three pineapples. We added some frozen pieces of apple we had left over in the refrigerator. To make the drink:

  1. Carry water to boil in a deep pot.
  2. Add pineapple peels, grated ginger and in this case, the frozen pieces of apple.
  3. Allow it to steep so as to get the full flavor.
  4. When cooled, strain the juice from the peels and ginger.
  5. Add brown sugar and lime juice to taste.

This drink is very refreshing. We got two and a half containers full. It went well with the meal.


We enjoyed dinner. Please try one of these recipes and let me know how it goes. Have a great week.
Blessings 😃


It's really interesting to see how cultures/countries prepare somewhat similar foods in a different way and definitely makes me want to try out the different cooking methods.

I'm salivating looking at those dishes 😍. Oh and is it the older one that is now more open to trying out "different" dishes?

I'm salivating looking at those dishes 😍. Oh and is it the older one that is now more open to trying out "different" dishes?

Haha! Thank you. I often salivate when looking at your dishes. I still have those rolled pancakes in my head. Lol
Yes, it’s the older one than is more open but then again, they’re stuff the younger will eat and the older won’t. 😂🤣

Yes, it’s quite interesting seeing the similarities in food prep across different countries and cultures.

Yes, it’s the older one than is more open but then again, they’re stuff the younger will eat and the older won’t. 😂🤣

I thought so, because as I got older I became more open to trying out different things. There are also some things I don't like till this day also 😅.

😂😂Yes, same here. There’re stuff I didn’t like from my childhood and still don’t like/eat now.lol

Hahaha, and I haven't unlearned to remove onions to the side. But it's so weird, because in some dishes I do eat the onions and sometimes even raw, but when it's a home cooked (everyday) meal I don't like the texture. That's why we cut the onions to smaller pieces when we're cooking, so that they don't bother me.

Haha! Oh my! This is so like me. I’d always remove them from the meals when my mom cooked. Just a few years ago I started eating them. I went to this island here called Awajishima. It’s known for delicious onions. I saw everyone there eating it, even eating it raw. I reluctantly gave it a try. To my surprise, they were sweet and delicious. Since that time I’ve been able to eat slices of it and just cut it up for soups and other dishes. Before that I’d always just grate it so as not to see it. The thing is, I now only use onions from Awajishima because I’m sure they’re “good”. Now that I can “eat it”, maybe it will make eating other types much easier.
I still grate it when marinating meat or poultry.

I still grate it when marinating meat or poultry.

The funny thing is, that I can also eat it raw or thinly sliced in certain dishes, like Chinese food or raw and chopped on a frikandel (a sort of Dutch hotdog) or on a burger. But I'm weird when its in other dishes 😅.

🤣😂I understand.

gotta love the rice

😃It's like a meal in itself.

i totally agree, you are fun

Thank you. 😃

The curry looks so rich and delicious 😋. I wish I could have some now.

Thank you. Sorry it’s finished but you could go ahead and place your order. Lol

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Jamaican curry! Yay! I love it so much! I ate almost every day when I was in Jamaica. What an awesome memory I had in Montego Bay! 🤩🤩
🥦 !love !BBH !BEER 🥦

You went to Jamaica?! Awesome!!!!
Got to love that curry. Montego Bay has some lovely beaches. 😃

Yeah, I went there when I was a student. Jamaica is one of the most amazing and memorable countries I have ever visited. Montego Bay, Kingston (I visited "Devon House I Scream") I love their ice cream so much haha! And, my favorite place is Negril! #Negril is what an amazing place to visit! The sunset is the most beautiful one I saw in my lifetime. No jokes! 🤩👍👍👍
🥦 !love !BBH !BEER 🥦

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Yuh presentation Eva a seh 1!

😃Thanks MissaJ!
Hey, a chef seh dat yu nuh! untitled.gif