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Hello ReggaeJahm community, I had some weeks without sharing content within the framework of #dashoutsunday, of course, that does not mean that I have not cooked or eaten in these weekends, only that I had not prepared something that I found remarkable, but this weekend has been different, I wanted to do something that I do not usually prepare, so, get ready, I hope it is to your liking (visual).


Image of my autorship/ Edited in Power Point

You may wonder "What is that?" because what looks like a piece of meat, however, has a special preparation and is a little more than what you see. So if you feel like it I invite you to continue reading this publication.

It's ground meat, yes, but prepared in a different way, let's see what it is:

The first thing is to season it, in this case I used garlic mill, a little bit of onion and grated carrot, chopped coriander and a touch of mustard. Once the meat is seasoned, the process begins...


Image of my autorship/ Edited in Power Point

  • Place a bag on a smooth surface, open it.
  • Place the ground meat on top of it and spread it out, as shown in the previous image.
  • Continue watching, here comes the magic touch.


Image of my autorship/ Edited in Power Point

  • The next step is to place mozzarella cheese, as you can see in the figure, and over the cheese place smoked ham.

I know that you are following the preparation up to here, it is really easy. Now, what comes next is the part that gives this preparation the special thing, it is the way we can roll up the meat, let's see the next video.


Gif of my autorship/ Edited in

Once it is ready, well rolled up, and with its respective filling, we will cook it, in my case I did it in a frying pan, but I could even do it on the grill, which would surely have an even more special touch. We let it simmer, so that it will not be raw internally. Then we turn it over so that it cooks on both sides.

It is normal for ground meat to shrink a little when cooking. I had to cut the piece of meat into two parts, because otherwise it wouldn't fit in the pan.


Image of my autorship/ Edited in Power Point

Once the main part of the meal was finished, which in this opportunity was the protein, I served the dish, accompanied by rice, French fries, and tomato and carrot salad. As you can see in the image below.


Image of my autorship/ Edited in Power Point

Would you like to taste this dish?


Image of my autorship/ Edited in Power Point

That's how it should look when it's ready, golden on the outside, fresh and juicy on the inside. Enjoy your meal.

I'll say goodbye now, I hope you find this dish provocative.

Images taken with my Huawe Y5 phone


I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.

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Interesting dish, meat in meat , it’s a meat roll 😂. So what do you call it? Or did I miss that part?

Nice use of a gif bro, enjoy the week.

Hi @dmilliz
What is the name of this dish?
That's a good question.🤨
I saw that a few months ago, I saw the preparation and I said to myself, "I'll do that sometime."
But I don't remember the name.
I think it's up to me to make one up.
Thank you for introducing me to that gift page.

Excellent going there chef!!!

I thought about studying cooking, very seriously.
But I have to wait for this whole pandemic disaster to be over, to really be a chef.
Thank you @missaj

I might have to try something like that. Looks really good.

Hi @bigtakosensei
You could do it, it really did look pretty good. And everyone can add additional condiments, according to each region in which they live. It's an option.
Thanks for commenting.

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Hi, thank you very much for the support.
I will check and try to participate more often with the #foodie tag. Appreciate it.
Good week to all.
Thank you very much @bahabia-arbi

I surely would like to taste that dish 😍
Hey, what about if there was some kind of cookout with every Jahm member. That is that we should be in the same place at the same time. Let's park it for a future event 😅