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Hello Community of Reggaejahm, hoping that they are all very well, here I bring to share a song literally just out of the studio.

In fact, it is part of a complete album, the first one released in approximately two decades of musical career, whose name is "GRIOT ". He was for a long time retired from the music scene.


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Truly, that style doesn't suit me very well, no matter how much I try to copy the style, I haven't been able to...

He is a native of Belize, I must emphasize that he is a singer, producer and teacher. This last career is the one he has dedicated himself to in the last years of his life, and equally focused on family life.

Pupa Curly - Democracy Weh [Official Video 2021]

As I said before this is the promotional song for the Full Album. I didn't know this singer, because of things in life, when I went to Youtube, to see what I could get, this song was just 21 minutes away from being released, and I liked it very much, so I decided to share it...

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I want to close this publication with this video of a concert at the home of Lila Iké, a singer that I really like a lot, and this video is simply great. It's 20 minutes of quality, totally live... enjoy it:


Now I say goodbye.

Thank you very much for reading me.


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Respect Jose, always looking out for the new artiste! Curly aint bad, not bad a t all. But the Lila Ike and band were awesome, watched it on the way to work. Seeing her live and in the flesh is awesome ( we gotta speak it in the being 😉)


Hi broth @dmilliz.
Certainly, that Lila Iké concert is spectacular, I heard it twice in a row.
The chorus, the two girls are also spectacular, and the band, very good, you can notice a harmony in everyone.
Thanks for the Gift.

Yes! I noticed that harmony too! Really goo vibe!

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BTW I think the style fits yah 😃

Nice find/selection Brother!
Big fan of Lila Ike, sweet live session😊

@JustinParke here on behalf of the ReggaeJAHM Community.

Music from Belize is something I have heard very little of, and perhaps none at all. This brethren sure has made a catchy but conscious tune, good on him.

Thanks for sharing this with us brother, now I can say I've had a taste Belizean reggae.

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