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Hello community REGGAEJAHM and music lovers in general, today I bring a publication in which I want to share several musical releases within the genre Reggae. And it is that in spite of all the complicated situation that we are living in the world, the art does not stop... Why? simply because the artistic is the expression of being, is a way in which humans express what we feel from our experiences.


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This world is full of so many options, but at the same time it makes it difficult for some new artists to be recognized and understand the immense variety, yet they continue to struggle daily to achieve their goals, just as we all do.

Let's start with a renowned artist, who recently, yesterday November 13th made the following release, I talk to you about Gyptian...

Gyptian - Dem Vex (Official Audio)


Watch dem A critisize right round the clock
Want c my demise want see mi stop
But man keep rising none stop
Some ask how wi do dat
Mi do mi owna thing
Mi nuh business bout people
Talk weh u want do weh u want do
Stay inna yuh lane and find a way fi stop
Complain bout other people


Weh do weh dem want fi do
While u a watch an nah ntn
Yuh see u life gone
Yuh nuh see yuh inna d past
Mi cause dem real pain
Cause eveyday dem a complain
Is Like dem want fi stop the champain
Or mi fly inna private jet plane
Yah now


Mi see seh dem vex enuh
Mi see seh dem stress enuh
Mi life life make dem stress u fuck
Mi see seh dem vex enuh
Dem vex till dem vex
Dem vex till dem swell enuh
Mi see seh dem vex enuh
And if i was dem probly mi would a vexin up
Mi see seh dem vex enuh
Dem vex till dem Vex
Mi life make dem stress up fuck


A mussi tru mi gyal cute
Latest designer cloths
An mi an mi gyal dem real close
Cause mi nuh too have nuh friend outta road
Inna my likkle cirlce
A bascomx kutchie and maestrodon yuh done know
Nuff seh dem rate u
Watch out fi dem cause dem frass want set u up




Now, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are consolidated artists, who barely upload a song to their youtube channel and in a few hours have hundreds, thousands or millions of visits, for example, the previous video has at the time of writing this publication 2451 views, and only a few hours have passed since he uploaded it to his youtube channel...

But we go with another artist, new, named Cathy Matete, with his new production that was uploaded to the Youtube channel yesterday, specifically 14 hours have passed since its release and the time I'm writing this post, and his song has been reproduced 51, one of those, my reproduction😁 ...

Cathy Matete - Tea Cup (Official Video)

Now, I bring another artist, who on November 12th made this release, she is Ce'Cile, she is a reggae and danceHall singer, native of Jamaica, I invite you to visit her youtube channel, she is not such a new artist, in fact she is recognized in different countries, but, the only I like that has her video is mine... and only 12 visualizations... so... you can go to her video, to her channel, and support...

Ce’Cile – Sorry

Thank you a lot for your support..

Have you a great weekend.

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That was a refreshing post! I especially liked the 2nd one by Cathy Matete. Soon se will get the views she deserves thanks to people like you.

Thank you, brot.
Yes, it's actually very familiar with Cathy Matete's video. It inspires good things.

@JustinParke here on behalf of the ReggaeJAHM Community.

Gyptian is classic and prolific, love his music except when gets a little too focused on sex, hadn't heard of Cathy Matete so thanks for sharing. My mind wants to read her name as "Cathy Machete," which would be a very intimidating name. Bless up yourself @josevas217.

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