I Haven't Eaten Fresh Bread In Weeks 🥖 Today The Carbs Shall Rain From The Sky 🌧️

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A Small Dietary Victory In Suriname 😂

     Today I found myself with little freetime after cycling many kilometers and spending many hours standing in line at Western Union. In the end I guess I would call the trip a success because Western Union actually had funds this time, although the standard $200 USD limit still applies.

     With cash in hand and already far from home, I decided to take a trip to an upscale market and look for some foodstuffs that are scarce near our home. The economic crisis here in Suriname and a few other factors have really decreased the amount and variety of an already not-so-diverse fruit and vegetable scene.

     There are a only a few items I ever buy in the upscale store, and two I targeted today were tortilla chips and a wholewheat baguette. Neither of these things are common in Suriname, and as we've been down in spirits a lot lately for reasons I won't go into, little things like a change in diet for a few days can increase family morale to a great degree

     We don't know when we'll get out of this place/situation, but one thing is for sure, this family is having some pico de gallo and garlic bread. Let the carbs rain down from the gluten heavens, for this family is eating good tonight.

     I think this GIF captures my emotional state very well, and diving into comedic content here and there on Hive has helped me cope with the hardships I'm facing at the these days. Normally my posts are full of pictures and pizazz, but I'm exhausted and just needed to make myself laugh after today's victory. Bless up my fellow Hivers.

Monkey B


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Haha this is the cutest!!!! I bet you all enjoyed it. I'm sorry you are down in the dumps and I can understand why. Big love 💚❤💛

Well this GIF changed my mood for at least a day. I laughed so much while editing it, and a friend of mine who's a filmmaker said it was a top-notch splice. Bless up! !ENGAGE 15

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Oh, I sleep now, you don’t eat bread all tonight keep it some for breakfast, okay 👌, if you eat all I will kill you tomorrow!

@sreypov Maybe hide it?

 last month (edited)

Hi, @riverflows do you know when we have a snack at home and before we go to sleep, sometimes Monkey hides them because Justin goes to sleep very late every night and he loves to eat everything we have. These things happen every day in my family and we talk about that in the morning, it's really funny 😆

This was too much fun..... I'm already imaging the next magical GIF. !ENGAGE 10

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That's good to know man blessed to see you guys are getting good sources of food for survival im pretty sure without covid Suriname is great

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We arrived here a couple of months before things began going downhill, but this place is a mystery to us. Nothing to do for free, people stay inside their homes and cars, and aren't very approachable. The difference in way of life from Cambodia couldn't be more opposite, but we must struggle to adapt. !ENGAGE 15

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Could see that I knew a friend from phenom Penn Cambodia really has a majority of good people

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If anyone needed an example of how manifestation works, they just have to watch this GIF, hahaha. Great one, man!

Send me to India so I can manifest gold watches and jewelry, I need to up my game. Glad you got some laughs from this one. !ENGAGE 15

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Super like the gyfffff! But I also realized someone at the window reflection! And she's just as surprise as you!!! LOLed!!!

I didn't even think about the reflection until editing. My daughter had no idea what I was doing, I simply told her to remove the bread from my hands for 5 seconds and gently place it back exactly as it was before she took it. !ENGAGE 10

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How was the Baquette feast?

I do LOVE good bread, but for weeks (months really) I try to cut down on my carb intake. Usually works for a few days, but then my brains are screaming for a great piece (or more) of bread.

What are your tricks to stay away from carbs? Any suggestion I like to try.

In the meantime: NJOY the Baquette's!

My family is Cambodian, and I love Indian food, so rice, rotis, samosas and many more carby things are part of our daily life. In the last few years I've been practicing intermittent fasting, basically eating all my food in an 8-hour window each day.

This technique lets me enter ketosis briefly a couple times a day, and I feel better like this than when I attempted a ketogenic diet. Of course a keto diet is way more expensive than fasting 16 hours day too. More and more though the science seems to prove going in and out ketosis each day is the best way. In this regard, your body is equally ready to burn carbs or fat for energy. !ENGAGE 30

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Somebody told me about Ketosis and intermittent fasting. So far I thought (or I understood) the combination of both is the best... Or gives the best results. But I find it might hard to go be Keto style only. And yes, when purchasing Keto products from the store, it is very expensive. Are you telling that when following Intermittent Fasting only, one can eat whatever one wants? Ie carbs in quantities one wants? And still have good effects on how our body burns the food we eat in the window of 8 hours? When so, that's what I'm gonna try!

On intermittent fasting you might be able to maintain your existing diet. You have to stay 0 calorie for 16 hours each day, that means basically nothing but tea/water during the fasting period. I read lots of stories and articles about the keto diet, and found many people felt initially much better for a number of weeks/months, but then negative side effects began to surface.

A lot of studies have shown constantly bouncing in and out of ketosis is the best way, and it creates a body capable of running on fat or carbs as energy. You can purchase ketosis urine strips to test yourself and see if your fasting is working. Basically pee on the strip before your first intended caloric intake each day, and you'll know right away. !ENGAGE 40

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I think I found my Ketosis Expert! Had no knowledge at all tests are around. Will check this out further.
Coffee is also ok, I hope?
Be able to eat carbs and all the rest in the 8 hours given, is perfect. Have seen too many people not looking healthy at all when either removing meat/fish from their diet or removing carbs completely. I think for most of us, such drastic changes to our diet can be ok for a short period of time, but we will start missing whatever we don't eat. At some point in time, it's really difficult to continue with such a diet. I was always told: Make adjustments that can become the new normal. What I noticed is when I go for low carb food, but still allow myself to eat carbs, I can manage for a longer period of time. Usually, when time itself starts running out on a daily basis due to work or whatever, I tend to start eating bread/protein meals against, since I love it and it's very very quick to make.
Yesterday and Today can be classified as proper intermittent fasting days for me. Yesterday it was 18 hrs no food, and today 19 hours. Let's see how I can manage the next few weeks. Am for sure motivated! Funnily enough: Your comments and information helped me to be in this positive state :)

Curious how your journey will go. I chose to ultimately forego breakfast, and those first few weeks it was like my body was trying to kill me, almost kicking drug addiction. After a week I could sense when my body ran out of sugar, because my stomach would begin churning and my mind kept telling me to eat some carbs or sugar.

In the end that feeling eventually wore off, and now I don't even think about breakfast anymore. You could do caffeine, but just remember caffeine could be a wild ride on an empty stomach if you aren't accustomed to it.

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Breakfast is something I mostly skip for the last so many decades, so that is not a problem for me. I also stopped adding sugar to anything, decades ago and hardly eat sweets. In effect I was kinda half way to Intermittent fasting, usually something like 12 to 14 hours no food. But, I have the habit to eat my last bits just before going to sleep, which is not good at all. But I can experience graving for carbs (mostly bread) when ditching all the carbs from my diet, hence I believe I shall try to stick to low carb diet... or better, to mix a normal healthy mix between everything and stick to the 16 hours of fasting. The later is what I'm gone try to do and see how that works out coming period.

Thanks again for all the support and experiences!

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on that note bread is not a good source of food if you want to cut down carbs

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Hahahaha, I know!!! So, I dont eat bread last few weeks 🤣

Trying to stay away man stomach digestion hasn't been doing so good

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Dude, your videos are hilarious! Even this short GIF got me laughing so hard. Nice job! On the carb end, I feel so sorry that even such simple and mundane things as tortilla chips are hard to find in Suriname. So I assume tortillas aren't common either. So sad! 😭 So enjoy the baguette and the pico de gallo (another one of those dishes that I consider ubiquitous). Wishing you and your family happiness to get through the hard times.

I have to make more, I really enjoy making them, and even more I enjoy thinking I've made another Hiver laugh. We have plenty of rotis here thanks to the Indian influence, and honestly they are close enough to function as tortillas. However, they are poofed, so you can cut and fry them to make tortilla chips. I guess I could make my own from scratch, but that's way too labor intensive, and I don't love chips that much.

Thanks for the kind words my friend, another funny idea is already brewing. This splice-editing practice is giving me potential editing ideas for our future Khmer-Fu short. !ENGAGE 40

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Yey.... Nice! I'm looking forward to some more Khmer Fu, quite a bit!

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 last month 

Haha funny gif man! What do use to make them. Looks clean.

Glad you could get some funds from the western and grab some comfort food. Mi Deh yah wondering what to get for breakfast with a fridge full of natto 😂.

Bless up lion! Gwaan hold di faith.

Maybe I should make a post showing how we did it. Let's just say it was as simple as staying perfectly still while Srey-Yuu gently removed the bread from my hand, then waited a few seconds and placed it back. After that it was a matter of just deleting the in-between footage and turning it into a GIF.

Try to manifest some natto accessories, perhaps they will magically appear in your hands. Bless up! !ENGAGE 25

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Hahahaha and you've made me laugh with that edited GIF 😂. We indeed need more laughter.

Hmmmm even for us this kind of bread's a luxury.

Have a blessed new week!

I took fresh baguettes for granted in Cambodia, where all you have to do is stand on the side of the road until you see a motorbike full of bread roll by, usually takes no more than 5 minutes. Choi's bread is good, but it has a factory-style American feel to it. CODE PURPLE is over, woo-hoo! !ENGAGE 20

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Hahaha yes Choi's and Tulip have a "commercialized" vibe. Nowadays local bakers focus mainly on "normal" white bread and certain snacks, but if they widened their variety with baguettes or (burger) buns, the clients don't have to go out of their way to go and find those items. I definitely think there's a market for that.

Hahaha I don't know what the color code is now, but now only Sundays are full lockdown, which gives us more space when buying groceries; no huge lines.

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I'm glad you were able to get at least a little treat. I hope your situation improves soon!


Situation definitely improved as long as there are wholewheat carbs in the house. Although I should say I'd rather have the loaf in your GIF. Give thanks. !ENGAGE 15

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You're welcome @justinparke, this is well deserved! 😊👍

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Nice piece as times goes on you will have more and more to tell, love your posts

Give thanks, more and more I am drawn to comedic content, but sometimes drumming up ideas can be difficult. !ENGAGE 10

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You have a lot of fun like monkey B. I watch it more time and I still laughing 😂.

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