This Family Is Guyana Bound (...Sooner or Later)

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Greetings Hivers, I have some very exciting news to share with you all, we are likely Guyana bound within the next few months.

We finally progressed far enough into our US immigration that now we have case numbers, the next step being to make another round of payments, then upload some more documents, and we will then be awaiting an interview date at a designated US Embassy.

In our case the new website we have access to via our case numbers has already let us know any future interviews will take place at the US Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana. We could very well receive an interview date for December 2022, but I have good reason to believe it will be within 3 to 4 months.

In the next few weeks we'll likely have a confirmed interview date, and no matter what that date it is, we are content to pack our bags and move from Suriname to Guyana. We are ready to leave here and ready also for change, and we most look forward to having a chance to financially rebuild our lives and get back on our feet.

Bless up and stay tuned for further developments...

Monkey B



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Hey my friend,

Great news! Definitely a step in the right direction. From your discord messages I didn't understand that Guyana is just a pit stop on the way to the US of A. I am sure this is gonna open up an entirely new box of possibilities for you and your family.

Happy for you.

Sending loads of good vibes to you and your family!

There is indeed a feeling that the some of the hardest parts are behind us. Thanks for the good vibes, I'm gonna hold on to them for later. !ENGAGE 30

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Oh that's good news; hope you'll get a date soon. At least they speak English there, so that's one barrier down.

I'm now wondering what the crypto culture is like over there 😅.

We're excited indeed, but of course we miss Cambodia the most. Shame the pandemic made us lose a couple of years from our lives, because had things gone differently, we would now be heading back to Cambodia with American passports in hand. I am excited for Guyana, but still awaiting the interview date.

Should the interview be months from now, we'll have to make a choice to stay here or move to Guyana in advance. I personally would like a change, so I would be happy moving as soon as we have an interview date. However, we just learned the COVID-19 tests here are $100 a piece, the highest I've ever heard anywhere on Earth so far.

Even in Cambodia the COVID test is free, and offering free tests is one of the best ways to control the pandemic. In Guyana the test is free, so luckily we won't have to lose $400 there again. If I was a Surinamer and knew the test was $100, I'd be rioting in the streets.

The stupidity has no end, overpriced testing combined with curfews and lockdowns that cause everyone to do their shopping in condensed timeframes shoulder-to-shoulder with other people short on time too. I doubt there's much of a crypto scene in Guyana, but I have more contacts there than I do here, so I think our social life will come into existence there. !ENGAGE 15

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If I was a Surinamer and knew the test was $100, I'd be rioting in the streets.

It's actually "free" for when you go to the organized vaccination campaigns/spots and then you get a date for the second injection. I did wonder if it was mandatory for travel to Guyana, but didn't want to pry.

I think you have to pay the U$100,- for when it's for an emergency, especially for those traveling abroad. I also don't know if the campaign's only for the local population or also legal residents though, but when we had gotten our first shot, I saw a lot of Latin Americans also getting the vaccine. Don't know their status though. You do have to bring your identification paper(s).

I also don't know if the girls are required to get vaccinated.

Oh wait you're talking about the test and I'm talking about the vaccination. My bad 🤦🏽‍♀️.

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Great news! Sending lots of good energy for a smooth process and fresh opportunity on the near horizon!

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Thank you, trying to remain calm and collected, but it's hard not to get excited. I'm already looking at sidecars for my Vespa to take the kids to school in. !ENGAGE 10

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Oh wow! That is good newsJustine.. I am crossing my fingers on the success in getting the date of your interview. More Power to you and your family!

We are so excited for some forward progress, but I don't need to tell you because you also know the journey of an immigrant. Thanks for the positive vibes my friend. !ENGAGE 15

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Thanks for the engage tokens.

Awesome! So happy about this good news! I keep my fingers crossed for you that the interview goes well and that you can settle in the States soon. Until then, best of luck in Guyana!

It's a shame it's now set up this way, because when we originally arrived in Suriname, immigration to the USA from here with an interview here was possible. But they built a new bigger and better US Embassy, and with that came a major cut in services, typical bureaucrat moves. Even though the move will be costly, it's necessary, so we just have to embrace the opportunity for change. !ENGAGE 20

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That's right, and it seems like you will be just temporarily in Guyana. So yeah, something to look forward to. I'm curious to hear about the real-life situation there, and what it is like in comparison to Suriname. Hahaha, bigger and better embassy with less services. Go figure!

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 last month 

Good news man! Happy for you and the fam! I hope the interview goes well! It should as you are American and your fam is there. You said a job lined up ? It should be the icing on the cake! 🤞

I really hope we are in the USA within 3 months. If so, I think we can arrive as still somewhat sane and well-adjusted people, albeit minus two years of social activity outside our own household. I got a job on paper and for tax purposes, keeping me at 125% of the poverty line, the bare minimum for me being able to bring the family in.

Once we're there, that deal is gone and I need to repay the lost dollars ate up by the system for all those months of "employment". On paper there is no reason to deny us now, but you know how embassies can be, so I'll wait to count my chickens until the eggs have hatched. Bless up! !ENGAGE 20

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That’s great news. I hope everything works out to your favor soon. Should be interesting living in a new location.

Well, it is always compared to Jamaica, so I am curious to see if Guyana is similar. One thing is for sure, the Indian food in Guyana is way better there, and I've heard some of the best in the Caribbean outside of Trinidad. Stay tuned brethren... !ENGAGE 10

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Staying tuned @justinparke.


Anything is better than staying put at that place. I'll pray you and the family.

We can't wait to leave here, it has felt like an endless black hole with no opportunities, no social life, and the worst of all the food sucks here. The best food I've ever had was actually in Malaysia, where I think many of the cultures actually improved their traditional foods in the Malaysian melting pot. Give thanks my friend. !ENGAGE 10

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