The Likeness of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie In The Pantocrator at St. Catherine's Monastery ⛪ A Reasoning

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The Pantocrator, or Christ in Majesty, are the earliest depictions of Christ developed by the church, and of these depictions located at St. Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai peninsula is considered to be the oldest known.

🛑 Before We Start

     I should start by disclosing that this is a very biased post, as I see H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I as divine, and I am known by some as a "Rastafarian." Although I personally dislike this label and labels in general, I opt for "Nazarite" when someone is trying to cram my spirituality into a simple box and give my livity a title.

     The term Nazarite isn't something the general public are overly confident in their knowledge of, and this leads to much more of a serious spiritual dialogue than flying under the "Rasta" moniker, and it's also a better bridge when reasoning with Christian brethren and sistren.

     With this in mind, know that I choose to accept an Ethio-centric history of Christianity and general human history.

1.jpgPantocrator, St, Catherine's Monastery, Sinai Peninsula (6th-7th century)

What is the Pantocrator? 🤷

     Simply stated, it's the most iconic and oldest detailed representation of Eyesus Kristos (Jesus Christ). The word pantocrator itself is derived from two ancient Greek words; pantos (all) and kratos (strength), approximating the word almighty in English.

     The Christ Pantocrator features Jesus holding a book in his left hand while his right hand portrays a blessing type guesture. In most depictions, the book held in the left hand is the New Testament.

     The oldest known Christ Pantocrator dates from the sixth or seventh century, and is housed within St. Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai Peninsula, modern-day Egypt.

Compared With Haile Selassie I 🤷

345.jpgChrist Pantoctrator in St. Catherine's

Haile_Selassie.jpgH.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I

     It's hard not to immediately notice the likeness in these two images. H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie is the 225th King of a Solomonic Dynasty in Ethiopia, having descended from Menelik, the child of King Solomon and Queen Makeda.

     If you're not familiar with Haile Selassie I, a thorough study of World War II's true origins will lead you to the Second Italo-Abyssinian War, where Mussolini attempted to colonize the only nation in the world to never have been colonized, but only with the blessings of the Vatican and Pope Pius XI, whom perceived the Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopia and it's 225th King/Emperor as a major threat to the legitimacy of the Vatican.

Don't Let Babylon Fool Ya' 🙅‍♂️

     In this post I have taken a very small piece of history as just one example of the many mystical revelations unfolded when studying the livity of H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie I. I by no means intend for my personal study of history to be your truth, and I only aim to share the world as viewed through my eyes.

Let's End It With Some Conscious Music 🙏

     There is no better song to compliment this post than the tune "Gather Them In" by the "Wordsmith" Vaughn Benjamin. This likeness of His Majesty at St. Catherine's has been known by Rastafari scholars for a long time, but stories like these don't exactly find their way into the mainstream media.

     Below is an excerpt from this song where elder Vaughn makes reference to this important cultural, religious, and spiritual relic.

Well look at the image and the Christ likeness in the monastery
At Saint-Catherine the very image and likeness of Haile Selassie
Inna Mount Sinai is where dem make this discovery
It is he who was the beloved of Magdaline
From second century compare the images to be seen
Gather dem in

Image Sources
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Monkey B


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Thank you for this history bit. I was told one time that I should read the Orthodox Ethiopian Bible version, because that was/is supposed to be one version that has less lost in translation. So the version most to the original scriptures.

Give thanks, yes I wish I could read Geez so that I could understand it more properly, but I have collected all the Ethopian Orthodox Canon in English, book by book. The Book of Enoch , The Kebra Negast, and The Book of Maccabees are all powerful books that the Europeans were afraid of, so were left out King James and other canons.

When I teach the Khmer language to my students online, I realize hardly any words translate word-for-word from Khmer to English because there are such great historical, linguistic, and cultural differences. I keep this in mind when I study the Ethiopian bible in English.

Some scholars have noted the English word "virgin" was used in the Bible to replace a Geez word which actually means "naive." If this is true, then Mary was not a virgin, but a young naive girl who got pregnant perhaps a little too early in life.

Using Christianity's own logic, Joseph is the descendant of David, so if he didn't get Mary pregnant, then there is no way Jesus fulfills the prophecy. It's question like this that made me study deeper into history. I now make a distinct difference between pale Euro Jesus that walked on water and had a virgin birth and the inspiration for Jesus, Eyesus Kristos, which should be studied from an Ethiopian viewpoint.

I have many books if you ever want to borrow, just let me know...


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Wow... very interesting and informative indeed. It was a theologian who told me about the Ethiopian version, who converted to Islam which is also another story in itself hihi

I also knew about a part which was written by a woman (forgot which disciple that was) who also got left out of the European version Bible, because it would "confuse" the people.

Thank you for that offer. I will let you know if ever I have time and if you're still here hihi

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Interesting. I had no clue about that Christ Pantoctrator in St. Catherine's, but I will tell you this. All Ethiopians have a distinct look, you ever realize that? So that could be a part of it.

But to tell the truth I don't know what to think about all these things these days but it is good to hear the perspectives and know the history so I can build my knowledge. My only hope is that when we die form this physical realm, something can tell us all of the truths. If not it would be a shame 😄

Half the story has never been told. I think His Majesty was right when he he recommended praying for guidance before studying scripture and history. The other half of the story is written in us, and we must our intuition to steer things a bit. Particularly the Amhara people look like the oldest depictions of biblical characters.

His Majesty's lineage can be traced all the way back to Menelik I, so the bloodlines are there, and that receding hairline is on point. I got an Irish ancestor from another fork of my family that looks like a carbon copy of me, and he lived 150 years ago, full-on ginger, but my parents look like Latinos.

Bless up, more time! !ENGAGE 45

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